Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sure Looks A Lot Like Christmas Around Here!

First of all, it's my brother K's 30th birthday today, so I have to give a shout out to him.

Happy Birthday, K-Man!
I've done a lot of complaining about December already. Mostly because I hate the cold and the stress of December. But I LOVE the decorations. Through the years I have accumulated so much junk stuff to decorate with at Christmastime that I have an entire closet full of storage tubs of it!

I'm typically not a knick knack gal. I prefer clean lines with little clutter, but at Christmas, well, I display stuff. Lots of it. And I love it.

I have a giant tree in the sun room that is full of ornaments made by my kids through the years. There are also keepsake ornaments given to us as gifts on the tree. One of my favorite things while on vacation is to pick up an ornament for the tree. Cheesy? Maybe, but it sure does get us talking about our memories as we put them up. This year we remembered The Husband's grandma as we put up our collection of ceramic ornaments that she'd made. It's a beautiful tree:
*photo of the sunroom Christmas tree:
Sunroom tree

We have another tree in the living room. The kids call it 'mom's tree' because it's decorated with purple and gold ornaments. It's pretty and it matches the decor in the room, and I love it. But it's got none of the sentiment of the big tree. Having a fireplace is so much fun, our old house didn't have one. I love decorating it:
*photo of the fireplace in the livingroom with mom's tree next to it:

And then there's the Nativity Set. My mother-in-law gave me this set, and it's similar to the one my mom has displayed ever since I can remember. I display it on my piano, and the Angel got broken, so the angel we replaced it with doesn't quite fit the set scalewise, but it's still beautiful, and reminds us why we celebrate Christmas in the first place:
*photo of the Nativity Set:
Nativity set

My kitchen has room for some fun decorations too. I made a curtain that hides the garbage can out of an old Christmas table cloth, and our Christmas dishes are on display along with the cookie jar and a beautiful cookbook:

Kitchen christmas

On the newly painted (shockingly) red wall, I have some snowman plates:

kitchen christmas wall

But my favorite decorations are the lights I have everywhere. I've got them strung on the staircase railing, piled in bowls, and placed in glass jars full of pine cones. I love the way they look at night!

*photo of a wine bottle with lights in it and a jar w/pinecones and lights:
Lights christmas

*photo of a wooden bowl full of clear ornaments and white lights:
Bowl of lights

If all of these decorations won't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will. So tell me, what are your favorite Christmas decorating traditions?


WebGal said...

Wow...that's a lot of decorating. It looks great!

I don't really have favorite decorating fact this year, I had to really dig deep into my Christmas spirit to even want to haul it all out.

I'm not all bah humbug...more...tired of my same old boring decorations.

Jess Riley said...

Very nice!

I too love the lights at night. I have a set of hand-carved wooden reindeer that go up each year...they were actually carved by inmates, so there's a fun little backstory there. I bought them for cost when I worked at the prison. :) They're my "prison labor" decorations, I guess.

Anonymous said...

My parents stopped putting up their tree that has the homemade kid ornaments on it. They only put up the Martha Stewart Designer Tree with No Soul now.

I need a hug.

writtenwyrdd said...

I just hang the wreath by the front door and put up the tree. I like massive decorating, but with a young cat determiend to climb the xmas tree every day, I think that's enough to deal with. :)

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Your sunroom looks like my sunroom!