Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Music Programs

I might just rethink my take on December.

Babies, cookies, and today - music programs. That's not so bad!

Oh, but wait. Bumblebee's teacher gave her a noisemaker in her holiday goody bag, and they're forecasting another blizzard for tomorrow. AND, I don't have all of my shopping done and instead of braving the crowds tonight, I'm being lazy and putting it off until tomorrow. You know, the day before Christmas Eve? How in the snowy winter wonderland did it get to be December 22nd already?!!! Yeah. December still pretty much bites. And it didn't listen to my request to slow the hell down this year either.

But still, the music concert was nice, so I guess it's not all bad...

Bumblebee always finds me in the crowd and smiles big for my camera:

Christmas program

Today she was hopping around, twirling, and squirming all over the place. One of the other parents laughed and asked if she has ants in her pants. Yep. That has to be it. Here they are singing about Santa's hat:

Music program

And she got a solo! On the triangle, which of course I didn't capture in the picture. And yes, she is that much shorter than most of her classmates. She's hyper AND little... kind of like the Tazmanian Devil:
*photo of Bumblebee with two other kids doing their triangle solo:

Then it was The Boy's turn. Here are the guys in show choir singing Dust in the Wind. That's The Boy in the middle there. He looks irritated to be there, but in reality, he loves show choir.

Show choir

And finally, the band concert. Thank God we rent that French horn... He clanged it around and smacked it on a few chairs and music stands while they were getting set up. The horn's got a giant dent in it. Oops!
*photo of the band as they get ready to play a song:
Band concert

Well, I'm going to make a list of all of the things I need to do if I ever decide to get up and do something.

Here's to procrastination!

(oh, and by the way, or 'bee tee dub' as Hollywood would say, I was totally kidding about wanting another baby. Sure they're adorable and they smell awesome, make you grin from ear to ear, and you can squish them and make them giggle. And they sure do have unreasonably adorable feet. But in an instant - before their sunshine and powder scent wears off of your clothes - they turn into grouchy text-messaging machines who constantly ask for gas money and new clothes and ridiculously expensive Christmas gifts.)


Dan said...

Cute. She's a real cutie.

The Boy plays the same instrument as the Son did. At least he did until he discovered guitar in high school. That's when you are happy it is leased.

The snow has not yet started here but the cold and wind has. So the snow appears to be a bit late relative to the forecasts. Maybe it will be Christmas Day when it gets there?

BTW - I knew there had to be a BTW - after all you have a teen (or two) at home, so you know what those cuddly little ones turn into. {*grin*}

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