Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Photos - What a Process...

Isn't this year's Christmas photo lovely?

Christmas 2009

Trust me, it's not an easy process.

First, we have to wait, and wait, and WAIT for Hollywood to finish doing her hair. While we wait, I take a few shots to check out the lighting in the sun room:

Bumblebee has the giggles. Uh oh... this might take a while.

They start playing with the props. First the candy cane's a gun:

Then it's a guitar:

Finally, Hollywood shows up, and we think it might be a good idea to take the picture with the dog because she's very sick and this will be her last Christmas with us. So we have The Husband carry her up the stairs and by the time she gets into the sun room with us, she is stressed out, won't look at the camera, and you can see her furless neck and gross scabby sores, so this one's definitely not a keeper:

When she finally does look at the camera, she gives me a pathetic "Do I HAVE to do this? You're freaking me out... Please let me go lay down in peace" look.

We decide she's been tortured enough and let her limp out of the sun room.

We take some more group shots and Bumblebee is going crazy with the fake/manic laughter. She looks like she's trying to poop here:

We move to individual shots of Hollywood and we realize that her fly is down. (she'll kill me for posting this picture)

After looking at the picture, she decides that she has too much eyeliner on, so she takes some of it off and we retake her shots.

We decide that we don't like the sun room lighting, so we move this whole operation to the living room, where we take some very serious shots:

Then, The Boy complains that his legs are hurting and Hollywood says he's a wimp (except that she uses a much more awful word for it) and they all think this is hilarious so they laugh so hard that they pee their pants:

Just kidding about the pee.

We take a few more shots, most of them are passable, and they pose for one last 'crazy' shot.

I think this one's my favorite, but it might not go so well in my silver Christmas frame.


WebGal said...

Great post! Love the pics....and the one with merlyn looking off to the side is funny. She's people are nuts...I'm not associating with you.

Dan said...

Great pics. I know the dog will be missed.

BTW - the snow finally started here about 10:30 this morning so the storm is running about 15 hours late. But the bit of snow with the 40 mph winds have produced blizzard like white out already. Here's hoping it is better there.

Travis Erwin said...

They've really grown since I first started reading your blog. Great pics.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I loved all of these shots.
Bumblebee with the giggles gave me the giggles. The fianl shot was really nice.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Oh! Do you have a facebook page?

I wanted to answer your book questions. I don't have your email address. Drop me a line.

Swishy said...

How funny!!! There are some great shots there ... and the one you picked is darling :)