Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzards and Babies

We're getting a blizzard today. 12-14 inches of snow with the possibility of 9 foot tall snow drifts. NINE FEET!

At the moment, I'm sitting in my sun room, next to the giant Christmas tree, looking outside as the white stuff comes down. I'm working from home today, and thank heavens that the powers that be at Giant Ass Bank allow that, because the stress of driving in this crap is just not worth it. Oh, did I say 'crap'? That white, pretty stuff?

Yeah. It's crap.

I shouldn't live in Iowa. Well, not this time of year anyway. I think a nice sunny condo with a pool in Arizona sounds nice right about now.

Anyway, while the weather is making me grouchy, I can look at this picture to cheer me up. This is the nephew I got to spend the weekend with:
*photo of Nephew E:
Isn't he adorable?

My brother and I were spoiled by our brother and sis-in-law. We had the best time relaxing, watching football, doing yoga on the Wii, and just hanging out. (Note to self: playing brain games against my two nerdiest brainiest brothers and my brilliant sister-in-law is never a good idea. Do not be tempted into trying it again.) And oh my... the food. Among the many, many things we ate were sushi, burritos the size of New Jersey, and Filipino BBQ. Oh my YUM. I will have to eat like a rabbit for weeks to counteract that splurge.

San Francisco was beautiful, the rain held off until the day we flew home, so that was good. I'll post some pictures of the City by the Bay soon.


Dan said...

Not much different here. Wind chills heading for -25 or lower by this evening - so you should get it in a day or two. (Great bearer with tidings of joy ain't I? {*grin/2*})

Monnik said...

I knew we were in for a blast of cold when they told us that it was 7 degrees out when I landed in Denver for a layover yesterday!

But -25. Yikes. Bring it on, I guess!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Unlike you - I LOVE the snow!!! More, more!

(ducks the slushball I know you just slung at my head... hehe).

Only thing I don't like about the winter? The wind. Ugh. I hate it any time of year!!