Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is one of These...

We had Christmas at The Husband's dad and step-mom's house this weekend.

All I can say after this weekend is that I want another baby.

Now please.
*photo of my niece:
1209 146

I mean it. Tick tock...
*photo of another niece:
1209 130

Ack! I can't stand it!
*photo of another niece:
1209 118

And then they went and ganged up on me. Three adorable baby girls dressed in frilly Christmas dresses. How can you see these little balls of sweet smelling squishiness and not want to order one up for yourself?
*photo of the three babies playing together on the floor:
1209 145

Where'd that husband of mine run off to? He's got some work to do.


WebGal said...

Holy crap! I would have spontaneously combusted from baby envy! I should be grateful I only have one coming to my Christmas. The 2-year old, 3-year old, and 5-year old will hopefully show their bratty sides to help dispel my baby-mania.

Dan said...

I have reached the state of equilibrium where I like to hold and cuddle and then return to the parents. It's a lot easier than getting them through the teenage years without wanting to lock them away. {*grin*}

I figure another fifty years and the Son might get married and then I will experience plenty of the sweet smelling squishy goodness that is baby and toddler hood again.