Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Desk on a Sunday

Isn’t this picture depressing?
*photo of my desk at work.
desk on a Sunday 1

It’s even more depressing since I took it today. On a Sunday. While I was at work. Follow along as I show you how I cope with working on a Sunday.
* not one, but two computer screens so that I can do twice the amount of work:

desk on a Sunday 2
* The phone receiver is off the hook because it is on speakerphone so that I can listen to everyone test the new system together.
desk on a Sunday 3
* McDonald’s caramel lattes are really, really tasty. This cup o’ joe brings my caffeine intake for the weekend up to approximately 780 ounces which equals 6.09 gallons.

desk on a Sunday 4
* My dayplanner is open to SUNDAY. There is a highlighted note on the page. Usually weekend planner pages are blank. Because work and Sunday go together like socks and sandals.
desk on a Sunday 5
*This is my fantasy football team roster. It is sitting on my desk so that I can keep track of my score while I am working on a *SUNDAY*
desk on a Sunday 6
*I have the ESPN gamecast of the Packers game on my screen. Not being able to watch the game may be the most depressing part about working on a Sunday.
desk on a Sunday 8

desk on a Sunday 7*Other useful artifacts on my desk: sticky notes, a funky sour patch kids pencil, wasabi & soy sauce almonds, water, my Green Bay Packers mug filled with pens that don’t work and a ruler that I never use, hand lotion to keep my often washed hands from drying up and falling off, and a photograph of The Husband and me on our wedding day. Because when I’m stressed out and working on a Sunday, nothing makes me happier than looking at how young I looked thirteen years ago compared to now, when working all the damn time has made me look old and withered.


Anonymous said...

welcome to my world!!

writtenwyrdd said...

I get few days off and usually work weekends. I'm grateful to have the seniority to get a days only position and not have to work 60+ hours per week any more.

Kari said...

I had to go into work this morning too after being out until 2am. And like you my morning also started at McDonalds but I opted for the large black coffee and a large Diet Coke. I NEEDED both!