Saturday, October 31, 2009

And this is why I'll never be a first grade teacher...

Happy Halloween!

I went to Bumblebee's Halloween party at school yesterday. Let me be frank: I love my kids. They are, of course, the most amazing children on the planet. Other people's kids are pretty cute too. But twenty four six-year-olds in one setting?

Check it:
*photo of Bumblebee's first grade class:
first grade2

Bumblebee's teacher either has a great prescription for chill out pills, or she's got the patience of a saint. The kids got pencils in their treat bags for the party and she played a CD for them so that they could use the pencils as drumsticks on their desks. Holy Excedrin Headache, Batman...
*photo of Bumblebee and a few of her classmates drumming with their pencils:
first grade3

I left the school feeling dizzy, completely overstimulated, and in desperate need for a nap! I didn't have time for a nap, so I settled for a beer. I'm fairly certain that a teaching career is not in my future.

I get to spend the day with Bumblebee's class again today. We're going to see a production at the children's theater: Ramona Quimby - from Beverly Cleary's books. I'm so excited to see it! But I'll admit it... I'm going to take a prophylactic Excedrin before I leave.

Raise your hand if you thought I meant 'condom' when I used the word 'prophylactic'...


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

What? Weren't all those 6 yr olds enough to make you want another child?

I used to volunteer a lot in the K class. I would have to go home and take a nap!

Heather said...

LOL-First Grade Classrooms are definetly not for the weak. I volunteered in a couple of them and man...they made me appreciate that I wasn't a first grade teacher!

Steph said...

HA! I hear you, sister! :)