Friday, September 4, 2009

R.I.P. Summer 2009

How did it get to be Labor Day weekend already?

This summer flew right past us. It didn't give a wave or backward glance. Just WHOOSH! and it was gone.

How rude!
*photo collage of 2009 Summer pictures:

RIP Summer 2009
(Click to enlarge)

We had such a great summer. Our vacation was lovely, we've had a couple of weekend trips to see family, and there have been a lot of fun, laid back gatherings. The kids enjoyed themselves, while keeping busy with their summer sports activities, and Bumblebee had fun at the babysitter's playing in the sprinkler with her friends.

But now. Labor Day? Seriously?

This really bites.

I love early autumn. The weather? Perfect. Changing of the leaves? Beautiful. The start of football season? Bring. It. On. But the crazy jam-packed calendar? The shorter days? The body numbing, shiver inducing, God-forsaken cold as it turns into late autumn? Nuh-uh. Me no likey.

Because BAM - then it's winter. And in my mind, that cloud that we call winter has a microscopic silver lining. Almost nonexistent, really. Good things about winter? Fashion boots, warm comfort food, and snuggly blankets. That's it. Three whopping items in the "pros" column. The "cons" column is longer than my credit card statement. Trust me, that's long.

Summer is effectively over. To send it off to the Southern Hemisphere (those lucky bastards!) with one last hurrah, our family is going camping this weekend. It should be fun. We're tossing the bikes in the back of the truck. We'll be packing up the tent and the fishing gear, and maybe the canoe, and heading to a state park about an hour and a half East of home. My 'baby' brother (who isn't a baby- he's the one with the chain saw a few posts down) is coming along too. I'm looking forward to it. I might even put a worm on my own hook. But if I catch something, I won't be touching the fish to get it off my line. That gives me the willies like you wouldn't believe.

Have a safe holiday weekend!

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Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I really like your summer photo greeting card/mosaic/thing.

I'm mourning summer's passing, too.