Monday, September 7, 2009

Photos of the Week

Comfort in a cup. I love Tazo's Refresh tea. My favorite is drinking it in my sun room after I get home from work:
*photo of a closeup of a tea cup:
tea mug

Bumblebee and I went on a hike last weekend (we've been doing that a lot lately!) She found this little guy along the way:
*closeup of Bumblebee's hands with a toad in them:
toad in hands

Why do kids always want to play in public restrooms? This one is from the park where we took our hike:
*black and white photo of Bumblebee playing with an electric hand dryer:
bw hand dryer

Our dishwasher decided to stop working a few weeks ago. The fancy control panel has several buttons on it. They all work except for the 'start' button. The dishwasher had a one year manufacturer's warranty. Guess how long ago I bought it? 54 weeks ago. The damn thing broke 2 weeks after the warranty expired. I'm waiting until my finances recover from the 'back to school' hit to have the repairman out. The kids aren't amused that they have to do the dishes the 'old fashioned' way:
*photo of The Boy doing the dishes by hand:

Here's the last picture for this week. I love that you can see the bugs crawling around on this cool flower:
*photo of green bugs crawling in a lavender colored flower:
flower & green bugs big creek


Becca said...

Oh #4 is priceless! Hahahahaha!

But no, before I had my dishwasher that's how I looked too.

Anonymous said...

Shes soo cute! :D i love the old pictue of her feet.. i could get a footjob from those feet haha anyone no what i mean?!