Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photos of the Week (Homecoming Version)

It was Homecoming week!

Here's The Boy's football team. 7th grade football isn't quite the same level of action as older players, but it's fun to watch nonetheless. The Boy's team beat their opponents in both the A and B games, and The Boy got quite a bit of playing time, so he was on cloud nine!
*photo of The Boy's team out on the field during a play:
junior high football

There were themed days for Homecoming. Monday was class color day. Hollywood couldn't wear her class color because she is football manager and had to wear her black jersey, so she decided to show her class pride by wearing red in her hair and makeup. She looks like a vampire:*photo of Hollywood with red eye makeup all the way around her eyes and red streaks in her hair:
Homecoming class color

Wednesday was mismatched day, where the kids got dressed up in goofy outfits:
*photo of the kids wearing mismatched clothes:
mismatched day

Friday night was the varsity game, and The Boy took off before I could get any photos of him. Hollywood was busy with her football manager duties, but The Husband and I had great seats by the endzone. We had blankets laid out for the kids, and so Bumblebee's posse came over to hang out with her. This was a great spot to watch the game, until they started practicing field goals at halftime.
*photo of the kids playing with the football game in the background:
Kids at the game

Saturday was all about Hollywood since it was time for the dance:
First, we got together at a friend of Hollywood's to do hair and makeup.
*photo of me curing Hollywood's hair:
homecoming09 015

Then we took pictures of everyone. Notice how the girls dress up in these amazing, glamorous dresses, adn the boys wear jeans and shorts? When I was in high school they at least wore ties!
*photo of the large group of kids who went together:
homecoming 2009 crew

Here's Hollywood with her date (they're just friends, or so she claims):

Homecoming 2009

And here's my favorite photo of her:
*black and white photo of Hollywood except for her dress (which is red):
lady in red

After the dance, Hollywood planned to have 'a few' kids over for an after party. "A few" turned into about 50 kids. It was chaos, but they were well behaved, actually! We had a bonfire, so some of them went outside to hang out by the fire, while the rest watched football and played Rock Band in the family room. I didn't get many pictures of them because each time I did, they all protested, but here's one bonfire shot that I did manage to sneak in:
*photo of kids around the fire in the back yard:
Homecoming bonfire

Today we're going to clean up after the party and do some laundry/resting. What a week!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

The black and white pic with her red dress is STUNNING!

Nice to hear that you had a good bunch of kids hanging out after the dance.

Heather said...

great photos! Giggles homecoming weekend is this weekend. Game tonight and dance tomorrow. she is going with a group of friends as her boyfriend broke up with her 3 days after we got her dress (grrr, I won't even get started) I am looking forward to taking pics!

Emily said...

Just found you via Bossy. Love the pictures! I grew up in Waterloo and the photos brought back some good memories. Gosh, I miss that landscape///

Joan Anne said...

Wow i love your photos, especially the one with red dress. She's gorgeous!

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