Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Memorable Bumblebee Conversation

We were sitting in church yesterday. You know when you're supposed to be quiet and contemplative? Bumblebee had the contemplative part down, but the quiet part? Not so much.

She turned to me and whispered, "Mom? I don't think my golden birthday is going to be any fun at all."

Do you know what a golden birthday is? It's when you turn the number in years of the date of your birthday. My birthday is on February 26th, so my 26th birthday was my golden birthday. Bumblebee's birthday is July 30th.

I shushed my chatterbox and told her not to talk in church.

She persisted. "Really. It won't be a fun golden birthday. Because I'll be thirty!"

"Oh, that's not true. You can have lots of fun when you're thirty. Trust me."

She didn't believe me for one second. "No. I won't have any fun. I'll be old. Like a grandma."

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