Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventures in Camping

We went camping over Labor Day weekend. Had a nice time, but I always forget how much work camping actually is.

The Boy had football practice Friday afternoon, so we didn't get to leave until much later than we wanted to. We got to the campground pretty late. I snapped this photo while The Husband and Brother Z put up the tent in the dark.*black rectangle image with cartoon speech bubbles saying that whoever said camping was relaxing is on crack:
putting up a tent at night

The first night was really low key. After the swearing and the toe stubbing and the this pole goes here and that stake goes there discussions, we (and by 'we', I mean 'the men') finally got the tent up. We relaxed around the fire and went to sleep.

On the super hard ground. Because we'd forgotten the air pump nozzle that we needed to fill up the air mattress.

We also forgot the fishing poles.

And the canoe paddles.

And pajamas.

And Bumblebee. (ha. Just kidding.) It was annoying that we forgot so many things, though.

I woke up early and had to get a fire started before I could make my coffee the old fashioned way:
*photo of a camping percolator coffee jug:
coffee over the fire

It takes a LONG time for coffee to get ready that way. Once I had my coffee made, I began to make breakfast. As you can see here, the entire crew was hovering around me while I made the bacon and eggs over the fire. Step back, people! (I'm not even going to comment on The Husband's 'do rag. Well, yeah, I guess I am. My two cents: the 'do' in 'do rag' stands for DORK.)
*photo of me cooking over the fire with everyone staring at the food:
Campfire cooking

After breakfast, Hollywood went with the men on the 3 hour round trip home to get the things we'd forgotten. In the meantime, The Boy and his friend Michael went to the beach and goofed around while Bumblebee played in the pit bathrooms. What? I don't see a problem with that... it's free entertainment!
*Photo of bumblebee opening the door to a camping latrine bathroom:
Women's Room

The Boy did some bike riding around the campground. If you're not a camper and you decide to give it a try sometime, bring your bikes. They are perfect for going all around the campgrounds. To the camp store, the showers, the bathrooms, the beach, the playground, etc. Much quicker than walking.
*photo of The Boy on his bike:
Biking at the Campground

The men got back from getting our forgotten things and the rest of the weekend was spent doing campy things like telling stories and talking and eating and posing with strange hand gestures to the camera:
*photo of TH with bull horn hand gestures:
The Husband Doing I'm Not Sure What

And canoeing on the lake...
*photo of TH and Bumblebee in the canoe on the lake:
Canoeing with Daddy

And singing campfire songs. Ok, we didn't really sing Kumbaya or anything, but Hollywood did play the guitar for us all:
*photo of Hollywood playing the guitar in front of the camp fire:
Hollywood Campfire Guitar

The boys had some chill time by playing the Nintendo DS under a fort we'd made from a blanket draped over the picnic table. The Boy's friend Michael had a really bad sunburn earlier in the year, so I didn't want him to be out in the sun much, and our campsite wasn't very shady. Plus, the DS screens are hard to read when it's sunny...
*photo of The Boy and Michael under the picnic table:
Under the picnic table

I goofed around with the camera in the campsite bathroom because Bumblebee was taking forever in there. (That kid loves to take her sweet time dawdling in gross bathrooms. It's how she rolls.) A weekend without fixing my hair or applying makeup isn't the most glamorous life, but it's real. And comfy.
*photo of me in the mirror:
photo mirror

Brother Z decided to try to release the spillway waters:
*photo of Z pretending to turn the spillway release valve:
Z Water Release

It wasn't all laziness and goofing off, though. We did some serious hiking too.*photo of Hollywood with Bumblebee perched on her shoulders among the tall prairie grass on our hike:
girls springbrook trail

*photo of Brother Z, Hollywood, and Bumblebee on steep trail steps:
springbrook trail z b v

All in all, it was a great trip. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got home. This is how we spent all day Monday when we got back:
*black box image with speech bubbles that say "zzzzzzzz"

And then I spent the rest of my life doing laundry. The End.


Steph said...

Ah, camping. We love camping, but we have vetoed it the last two summers. Essentially, we just don't take enough holidays to devote that much time to that much work! Someday, though, we will camp again! Great pix - as usual!

writtenwyrdd said...

I used to love camping before I developed a cranky back. Car camping, however, is the only way to do it. I discovered a profound dislike of schlepping all my food and water in a backpack.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for considering this,

Jean B. in SC

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