Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Window of My Mind

drawing of a woman with a window on the side of her head:

I’m opening up the curtains so that you can see into the window of my mind. Ah-choo! They’re dusty! Oh wow. How embarrassing… the window’s dirty too. Hang on, let me get some Windex.

OK, that’s better… Have a look at the random ideas bouncing around up there in my brain:

First of all, Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law. I hope this next year brings her better luck and health than the last one did. She is amazing and awesome and I love her. (Here she is with her four boys – this was taken a couple of years ago, but I just love this picture!)

The start button on my almost brand new dishwasher is not working. I need to dig through the unorganized pile of crap in my kitchen’s junk drawer search through my filing system to see if I have any information on a warranty. If I do, I’m sure it’s at least one week past the warranty’s expiration. Grrr.

The Husband’s back is all messed up. Which is sucky for him. Having a bad back is the worst! He’s being way less whiny/grouchy about it than I am when my back is wrecked.

My brain was fuzzy for two days after the block party this weekend. Image that says: lack of sleep + a hot Saturday + cold beer consumption = an unproductive Sunday.

The fair is coming! The Iowa State Fair is a huge event. We have to go at least twice during the 10 days it’s here. On one trip, we take the kids to do the fun things like watching the births of baby animals, viewing the cucumbers that look like Elvis, standing in line for an hour to see a cow made out of butter, and of course eating everything you can that is fried and on a stick. We leave the kids at home during our other trip to the fair and hang out at the beer tents. I predict another unproductive day in my near future.

I really, really, REALLY want to meet my nephew who lives in California and was born at the end of May.

I started eating grapefruits for breakfast this week. I already have a canker sore and it’s only Tuesday. That’s why I never keep up that good habit. Egg McMuffins don’t give you canker sores…

They are making a movie up the road from my house. In Tinytown! Seriously! It’s called “The Experiment” and it stars Adrian Brody and Forrest Whitaker. I haven’t seen the actors, but my neighbor has – she works at the school and they’ve been feeding them their meals at the high school.

Last night, my friend and I were out for an evening walk, when a guy with a walkie-talkie told us we couldn't walk down the road. He said we needed to either wait for about 20 minutes or get in a van with someone on the crew so he could drive us past the place where they were shooting. (They apparently didn’t want a sweaty lady wearing ratty cut off sweats and a Key Largo t-shirt in the actual film.) So, we hopped in and he took us about ½ mile up the road where we were able to finish our walk. By the time we came back, they had wrapped up shooting for the day. That is such a lame 'celebrity' story. Still. It’s my connection with an actual movie. So there.

School starts for the kidlets in less than two weeks. They are bummed. So am I, since I know back to school shopping is going to clean out my wallet.

I made the most amazing homemade macaroni and cheese last night. I am having leftovers for lunch today. It’s 8:18 a.m. Can I eat lunch yet?

That's about all I have up there in my mind... Guess it's time to close the curtains again.

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Jenster said...

Egg McMuffins don’t give you canker sores…