Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photos of the Week

Back to school!
*photo of the kids in front of the house before school:
back to school

I love the spikes on the leaves of this plant:
*photo of a red flower on a plant w/ a dark background:
red flower

I took this on Saturday morning before Bumblebee woke up. Look at that perfect curl!
*photo of Bumblebee sleeping - a curl is on her forehead.
curl on a sleepy girl

The freeway in downtown Des Moines at 6:20 in the morning. The 'rainbow' bridge is a walking bridge - I just love the colors and shading of this one:
*photo of the freeway and a walking bridge:
freeway bridge

The rest of the photos were taking on a trip to a state park called Ledges:
*photo of Hollywood and Bumblebee sitting on the trail steps:
sisters at Ledges

This is my sis-in-law D, the girls and me on a rock ledge at the park. And the furry beauty is Chloe!
*photo of us at ledges:
ledges with the girls

I took this closeup of a bee on a flower. I love that you can see strands of a spider web on it too:


Hollywood was being a daredevil, crossing this fallen tree that lay high across a ravine:


And finally, we saw this creepy crawly on a rock ledge.
*photo of a closeup of a centipede on a rock:


Travis Erwin said...

That is a freak looking worm like critter.

Barrie said...

Those are some great photos. I especially love the curl!