Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photo Week in Review

Here are some of my favorite photos from the week:

This is a collage of photos from a Chocolate store called Stam. They had wonderful chocolates and gelatto. Mmmm...*photo collage has a picture of the interior of the store, the chocolate counter, the gelatto flavors, and corn shaped pralines:

This one was taken on date night. It's a view of Main St. in Ames.
*photo has reflection of the street lights in the glass of a shop window:

We ate dinner at a place called Lucullan's. I thought the sign was cool:
*photo of Lucullan's sign hanging over Main St:

At dinner, we found this little dude in our bread basket - it looks like the Geico 'this is how much money you can save with Geico' guy:
*photo of bread with olives for eyes, a roasted pepper nose and an onion mouth:
bread geico money guy

I took this photo while out for a walk in my neighborhood. The Husband said it looks like the Sahara - I agree - you almost expect to see a lion or two out there. But, alas, there are only cows.
*photo of a grassy field with a funky looking tree in the background:
walk landscape

The Boy got his practice uniforms for football this week. Doesn't he look handsome? Mabel's looking out the window, planning her next animal murder.
*photo of The Boy in front of the house with his football equipment and uniform on:
jake and mabel

Here he is in his lineup pose. You'll recognize this one from my new sidebar images.
*photo of The Boy in his football attire:
jake football

I took this one to showcase Bumblebee's adorable freckles:*photo that has been altered to soften the image everywhere except on her nose so that it showcases her freckles:

Another image from my sidebar.
*photo of a closeup of Bumblebee making a funny face:
funny face

Hollywood got her driver's permit this week, so she is officially able to drive without a grownup in the car, as long as she's only going to the school and back.
*photo of Hollywood in the jeep:
Brie driving

Here she is, driving away on her own. Say a prayer for the safety of the pedestrians in the neighborhood!
*photo of jeep driving out of the driveway:
jeep driving away


Travis Erwin said...

Your kids have really grown since I first discovered your blog.

Dan said...

I can tell it's Iowa. Looks a lot like around here but with water! {*grin*}

Isn't it exciting to have both football starting a teen driving. I remember those days of not so long ago with distinctly mixed feelings.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I LOVE the new header picture.

As far as my scrapbooking, 3 years ago, when I had foot surgery and had to be off my feet for 6 weeks, I organized all my pics into categories. I have to set goals, like do ALL of Alli's Spring shows. I have about half of our vacations done and my next project is to do all my wedding pictures.

Anonymous said...

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