Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is this Heaven?

Photo of a cornfield with a water tower in the distance:
No. It's Iowa.

I took these pictures from my phone on a bike ride with The Boy last night. The quality of photos taken from my phone is terrible, but you can still see how beautiful Iowa is in August.

Some people hate the heat and humidity, but I love this time of year. As you can tell, the trail The Boy and I were on runs through the middle of nowhere. It's not a paved trail, and parts of it are rough for an inexperienced biker like me, but the hard work is worth it when you get to stop and look around you.Photo of the sun setting over a distant thicket of trees with a shaded cornfield in the foreground:
I'll never forget when The Husband and I were driving back to Iowa after living in California for a year. We drove back in March, and the cornfields weren't tall and majestic like they are in August, but this is immediately what I thought of as we rolled into the state we were born in.

This is the scenery I jog by when I'm out on my runs. It's what I look at when I take the kids for a walk. I know many people think living in the country is boring, but it's peaceful and serene to me. After a busy day at the office, coming home to life that doesn't move quite as quickly as it does in town is as refreshing as a tall glass of sun tea on a warm and breezy night. Life in Iowa may be boring to some, but if you know where to look, there's always something amazing to see.

Take this cornfield, for example. When I was a kid, I remember staring out the window of my car, transfixed on the cornfields that look like the one in the image below. If the farmers plant the corn perpendicular to the road, you can see each row of corn individually, lining up perfectly straight like a row of dominoes about to fall. Whizzing by them in a car always reminds me of flipping through the pages of a book really fast, or shuffling a deck of cards.
Photo of a cornfield with the rows of corn lining up perpendicular to the horizon:
We Iowans get pretty geeky about that old line from Field of Dreams. To those of us who feel content here, Iowa is a little bit of heaven.


Kari said...

I used to love playing in the cornfields next to our house when I was growing up.

But then Children of the Corn came out and it never was the same after that.

Steph said...

Very nice! And Field of Dreams was one of my favourite stories.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!