Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer is Speeding By...

What a nice weekend we had! I got some sun and it was reasonably comfortable weather for July. Just a bit of rain.

The Husband may not agree that it was ‘nice’. He spent all day Saturday cutting down two ginormous pine trees. We had fourteen trees that lined our northern property line, but they are dying of Scotch Pine disease. It’s really sad, because they were good wind blockers and added a nice layer of privacy, but, they have to go. This summer, TH has been taking them down one by one. This past weekend he was ambitious enough to take down two of them. (picture of the remaining pine trees in the front yard.)

I really should have photo documented the process, because it was something else… The Husband would climb up the tree and slip a rope around it way up top. Then he would hop down and tie the other end of the rope to the hitch on our truck. He’d use the chainsaw to cut through the trunk of the tree and at his signal, I’d push on the gas and pull the tree in (hopefully) the right direction. The first time I wasn’t terribly successful, but the tree didn’t land on The Husband, so all was well. The second time I got the hang of it, but my heart was beating out of my chest. Scary stuff! When I was a kid, my dad broke his leg while chopping down a tree, so I was freaked out when TH was doing all of this. Especially the climbing way up high in the tree part. I might have been able to manage climbing up into a tree, but I’d have needed the fire department or a cherry picker truck to get me down. He just did a few little hops and a nice rappelling maneuver with the rope and landed lightly on his feet. Coordinated people suck. Power to the klutzes of the world!

Anyway, we now have five of the dying trees down - only nine more to go. Sheesh. Oh wait! I just remembered - I did take a picture of the tree cutting down process! Here's The Husband as he climbed up to tie a rope on the top of the tree. (photo of a monkey climbing a tree with TH's face photoshopped on.)

The Boy left yesterday for Boy Scout camp. I miss him already!! As you can tell here, he was really bummed out about leaving the family for a week:
The Boy has a super excited goofy face and is carrying his camping gear:
He was singing me some songs from last year that cracked me up:

They say at camp Mitigwa
The nurse is mighty fine
If you have a broken finger
She’ll break the other nine

My mother-in-law is in the hospital (prayers are appreciated for her speedy recovery, please) and we are watching her dog, Bella, while she’s been experiencing the circus of ineptitude that is Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. Actually, she’s now been moved up to The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, so we are hoping for much better treatment there.

Wow - what a cute little thing Bella is, but oh my gosh! She has more energy than the Tasmanian Devil after following a hit on the crack pipe with a triple shot of espresso. This little dog zips all over the place. Seriously – there is never a dull moment. She bounces all over the house until she’s completely exhausted and crashes right there. Bumblebee is enjoying dogsitting, though. She’s got almost as much energy as Bella, so they’re a good team. (Picture of Bumblebee with Bella.)

Bella looks way too calm here. So does Bumblebee, come to think of it.

Softball continues for Hollywood. JV play is over and so now she’s practicing with the Varsity team and dressing for the games. I think she’s ready for it to be over, but she sure does love the sport. The pitcher on the varsity team is something else… She broke the Iowa high school strikeout record last week. She’s pretty amazing to watch.

All of these activities are why the summer is just zipping on by. In no time school will start again. Hard to imagine! We’re getting ready for our vacation up to Door County, Wisconsin in a few weeks. I wish we could leave today. I am really looking forward to a few days of R&R...


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Are you going to plant something else to replace the pine trees?

Did Bumblebee grow a few inches this summer?

Monnik said...

Once we get rid of the trees, we are going to add fill dirt and a mound with some perennials, bushes, and a flowering fruit tree or two. That's likely a 2010 endeavor.

Yes - Bumblebee is *finally* growing! She really has had a growth spurt this summer! She won't have to worry about being the smallest kid in the whole entire school when she heads to first grade this fall!