Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rib Fest

The Boy comes home today! He's been gone for a week. I miss him! We went to see him the other night and he looked like he'd grown several inches! One of the camp leaders stopped us to tell us that he'd enjoyed working with The Boy at camp because of his infectious laughter. As this man was telling us an experience The Boy had during a cooking badge instruction session, I could hear The Boy across the campsite laughing with his friends. Such a cheerful sound, and he really is a cheerful kid. I'm so glad he's coming home! He was pretty homesick - wanted to come home Thursday night but agreed it would be best to stick it out until the end of camp.

Last night, Bumblebee, The Husband and I went to RibFest. Which is an outdoor festival where they have - you guessed it - ribs. I wasn't in the mood for ribs, but I tasted some of The Husband's - they were pretty decent. He managed to keep his white linen shirt completely clean after eating several ribs. If I'd have eaten ribs in a white shirt, it would have looked like a kleenex after a nosebleed.

I felt kind of bad for the organizers. The crowd was pretty sparse - probably because it was COLD. In JULY! Bumblebee and I wore jackets - it was 60 degrees or something, very odd weather for July. Blue Oyster Cult performed, and the music was decent. The atmosphere was nice (after the grouchy bug that had been camped out in me for much of the day decided to fly away...) and Bumblebee had a great time. She enjoyed not having to compete for attention with Hollywood and The Boy, and she had some fun playing carnival games and running around the area with a 'princess wand' that trailed behind long, shiny ribbons.

Here are some pictures:
The Husband and Bumblebee playing a cork gun carnival game:
Bumblebee twirling her princess wand:

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Did I mention thanks for the picture captions? Love them!