Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Motorcycle Craziness

Yesterday was a nice July day, and on my commute home from the office, I saw several convertibles, open windows, and motorcycles. Now I'm not one of those people who thinks motorcyclists are insane, though I do like the term 'donorcycle' that I saw on a tv show somewhere.

Back in the day, I knew how to ride on the back of a crotch-rocket or two. I even have a very faint motorcycle burn on my calf from coming into contact with a hot exhaust pipe. What self-respecting college girl didn't get one of those, right?

So. I'm not against motorcyclists. However...

Yesterday, I saw not one, but TWO dumbass motorcyclists who had cigarettes in their mouths while they were riding.

The first one was traveling on the freeway at 60 miles per hour! What in the world was he thinking? What if an ash from the cigarette flew into his nose or eye or something? I did a serious double-take when I passed him. I wanted to take a picture of him with my phone, but I thought the better of it. He was a danger enough with that thing in his mouth, I didn't need to add to the danger on the road by being a dumbass car driver and taking a picture.

The other fellow that I saw - a mere fifteen minutes later - was traveling at a much lower speed in a residential area, but... he had a girl on the back of his bike! What the hell was he thinking? I'm sure his girlfriend would be less than pleased if his cigarette ashes flew into her hair or singed her clothing.

What is going on here, people? That's just bizarre!!


WebGal said...

I've never ridden a motorcycle. And I never will.

So this former college gal does NOT have one of those burns. :)

Swishy said...

BIZARRE! It also makes me crazy when I see people on motorcycles without helmets. Like, ON THE HIGHWAY (it's not against the law here). I literally cringe.

Prairie Chicken said...

Just checked back after a while. What a delight to see you're writing again! Not that I am, of course.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

The people riding without helmets make me cringe.

We got rid of our bike when I got pregnant 24 years ago. Now my son talks about getting one.