Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Vacation Day 3

Day 3 of our vacation was spent out on the water. We got up and decided that since the sun was shining and it was a warm(ish) day, we would rent a boat and go out on the lake.

The boat was nice - a 22 ft pontoon with plenty of seating and cover if we needed it. We packed a cooler of soda and snacks and hopped onto the boat. Each of the kids got a turn to drive the boat:
photo of The Boy driving the boat with TH leaning over his shoulder showing him what to do.
photo of Hollywood driving the boat:
photo of Bumblebee sitting on TH's lap while they drive the boat:

The Husband wanted to see if we could ride it up to the house we are renting in Sand Bay. It took about an hour, but we made it up to our dock and hopped out and reheated some of the yummy pizza from the day before for lunch.

We got back into the boat and spent the rest of the afternoon on the water. Here are some shots of the family on the boat:
photo of Bumblebee, me, and The Boy on the boat:
Photo of Bumblebee and Hollywood on the boat:

This next picture is of The Boy doing his "I'm on a boat!" pose. Apparently there's some SNL skit with Justin Timberlake where he's on a boat... I haven't seen the skit, but The Husband and The Boy would NOT stop saying "I'm on a boat!"

The kids really enjoyed it when TH would get the boat going fast where it would hit the wake of other boats and splash them. The water was cold, and the weather kept getting colder throughout the day, but the rain that looked probable never came. Here's a photo of Hollywood after getting splashed:

I took lots of pictures while out on the boat - some of the old giant boats that were docked in Sturgeon Bay are amazing to look at:
photo of two giant steamships in the water. the one in the foreground is called the Mesabi Miner. The one behind it is called the American Spirit.

Photo of a giant red fire boat:I also took a few pictures of lighthouses while out on the water:
photo of a tall white lighthouse that was at the end of the canal, heading out to Lake Michigan:
This lighthouse is close to where we are staying - we can see the light swoop across the sky from where we have our campfire:
Photo of a shorter lighthouse perched atop a rocky ledge over the water, with lots of trees behind it:
This one was out at the entrance to Lake Michigan:
photo of a short, red lighthouse on a concrete barrier out in the water:
We went through the canal and ventured out onto Lake Michigan - for about two minutes. We hit a giant wave and our little pontoon boat didn't handle it well - the motor wasn't even in the water while we hit the top of the wave. I'm sure we weren't supposed to be out there - there weren't any other little boats to be seen on the big water, but we did see some smaller fishing boats in the canal. I am a wimp when it comes to water - for some reason it freaks me out, and being out there where you couldn't see anything but waves (big ones!) made my heart pound. I'm not even joking when I tell you that the song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" was on the radio on the boat earlier in the boat ride. FREAKY! So, The Husband turned that boat around and we went back to the calm waters of the bay. My memory won't let go of that one wave that we rode up on. I can still feel the motion of it this morning!

We got back to the house and I made a yummy steak dinner for the family. While I was preparing dinner, the kids quizzed each other with a brain teaser/question game. While explaining the answer of one of the harder first grade questions, The Boy and Hollywood explained to Bumblebee the concept of proper nouns being capitalized. When the question "What is the capitol of our nation?" came up, Bumblebee's answer was "N". Of course!

Shortly afterward, Bumblebee lost a tooth. It made eating corn on the cob kind of difficult - here she is eating it with her back molars - but she refused to let me cut the corn off of the cob for her.
photo is a closeup of Bumblebee eating corn with her side teeth:
After dinner we played some lawn darts and started up a fire.

During the campfire, I read the kids stories from a 'Scary Stories for Campfires' book that I picked up for the trip. The stories are supposedly true and are fairly creepy in a kid-appropriate way. Check out Bumblebee's face in this picture:
photo of me reading from the scary book with The Boy and B on either side of me. The campfire is in the foreground. B is chewing her fingernails and looks very nervous:
At one point, The Husband crept up behind Bumblebee and me and scared the livers out of us! He then told us about a tv show he watched last week about a werewolf that lives in Wisconsin - particularly up near Door County. He had Bumblebee worried for a bit, but the rest of us weren't falling for it. But then he howled like a werewolf and we about jumped out of our skin. Good thing that our neighbors here left after the weekend!

We went to bed pretty early and enjoyed a nice night of sleep. The tooth fairy found Bumblebee - even way up in Wisconsin, but since she put her tooth on a bookshelf close to the bed instead of under her pillow, the poor tooth fairy couldn't find the tooth. But she left her four quarters anyway.

Bumblebee is worried and wants to make sure she 'pays the tooth fairy back.' She colored a picture for the tooth fairy: On the picture is a note that says: "Here is the tooth you don't have yet. So you do not have to pay me."
photo of the colored picture with the note to the tooth fairy:

Whew! This post took me an hour and a half to write and import pictures... I must be very long winded today!! I haven't checked the weather forecast here yet - I swear it changes daily! So we're not sure what our plans for the day are. We might rent some bikes and head into Peninsula State Park, if the weather stays as clear and beautiful as it is now at 6:30 in the morning.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I just caught up with all your vacation posts. Sounds like a great vacation. We have such good memories of vacations with our kids when they were the age of yours. You got some great pictures!

Barb said...

Wow! Another fantastic day. I've always wanted a pontoon boat ~ and yeah, that song crossed my mind as soon as you started talking about the big waves.

ALF said...

Wow - looks like fun!