Sunday, July 26, 2009

Door County Vacation Day 1

Photo of the dock overlooking the water with a tree in the foreground:

It’s 5:56 a.m. and I woke up nearly an hour ago. Armed with a cup of coffee, I’m sitting on a bench looking out over the waters of Green Bay. This is one of my favorite spots in the world – it’s so peaceful and serene. The rest of the family is, of course, fast asleep. The trees above me are rustling in a brisk wind, and I’m watching the gulls swoop gracefully over the lake.

Yesterday was our first day on vacation and we spent most of it in the car. We started off with Merlin as our companion, and she was not amused with her squashed riding quarters. (photo of Merlin on floor of the passenger seat in the Jeep: )
We dropped her off at my mom's (thanks, Mom!) and were officially on our way. The drive up to Sturgeon Bay was like every other 9 hour drive with 3 kids. A thousand times the words, “Are we there yet?” along with the sister phrase “How many more hours until we get there?” were uttered. Children who seem to have ample bladder room on land, suddenly had to pee every hour in the car, most often 5 minutes after we passed a rest area or stopped for gas.

Finally, after we made it about half way, the kids fell asleep and there was relative peace for the second half of the drive. We were met with a few rain showers, but they were brief and helped wash away the bugs on the windshield.

We drove into Door County and were greeted with a rainbow over the road. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but it was cool: (photo of rainbow over the highway: )
We decided that has to be a good luck omen – proving that we’re going to have a great vacation. Once we got to the house we are renting and checked it out a bit, The Boy and I headed into town to get groceries.

Isn’t getting groceries in a store that’s not your own interesting? There are all sorts of weird items in out of town grocery stores. Of course, up here in cheeseland there are lots of fun things – like smoked string cheese and all sorts of cheese curds. Yum. Have I mentioned how much I love Wisconsin?

We came back ‘home’ with the groceries and I made a simple dinner of BLTs and fruit. Frying bacon on the grill is my new favorite thing to do. The bacon grease drips down into the fire and there’s no messy cleanup! We ate dinner at the picnic table and were greeted with a few raindrops. Luckily, the trees are pretty thick, so they sheltered us while we ate.

After dinner, The Husband made a fire in the fire pit and we sat around it while watching the lake. Bumblebee found a toad and tortured it for a while until we made her let it go. (photo of Bumblebee and the tortured toad: )Soon afterward, I saw another little green friend hop right up to the fire pit. The kids chased after it and discovered that it was a frog! (Because I'm generally clueless about animal life, I didn’t know the difference between a toad and a frog, but upon close inspection, was able to see that this second fellow had webbed feet, and was a brighter shade of green.) (Photo of Hollywood and The Boy with the frog: )
We made s’mores and hung out around the fire for a while. Hollywood’s phone has a decent speaker on it, so we listened to her music collection, singing along with the songs that we knew. Bumblebee and I went out on the dock and lay down to look up at the stars. We live in a pretty rural area and stars are plentiful at home, but something about watching them out here by the water is magical. There were a zillion of them!

The kids went to bed and The Husband and I stayed up talking until the fire burned down. What a nice, relaxing way to end the day. I’m very blessed to have a great family and to be able to enjoy time on our vacation.

We don’t have a set schedule on what we’re doing today… Hollywood has agreed to go for a run with me this morning, after that, we’re going to decide what to do based on the weather forecast. We’re expecting rain this week, and I’m actually ok with that as long as we get a few sunny afternoons to check out the scenery and landscape here.

Now it's 6:49 - Internet is slow here! But slow is better than nothing, so I'm not complaining. I didn't have time to do much editing on this post, but sometimes that's more fun, right? I'm off to get Hollywood up for our morning jog. More to come…


WebGal said...

Sounds like a great time for you so far. Enjoy your time away!

Kirsten said...

Cheese Curds...ahhh...if you like the fried ones you should try them at the Bayside Tavern in Fish Creek. Or Diggers (also in Fish Creek) for something more kid-friendly.

Wave at my HS alma mater (Gibraltar) if you go by!

Another recommendation...if you decide to take the passenger ferry to Washington Island (not the car ferry in Northport, but the cheaper and smaller people-only one in Gills Rock) you may see my mom selling tickets under the little tent. She's a 60-something chatty brunette named Barb. Tell her I said hi. That will really freak her out, ha!

Kari said...

Cheese and beer, it's the one thing us Wisconsinites do best.

Hasn't rained for a month and now you come to visit and it's suppose to rain the entire week. Thank you, my grass was looking terribly sad.

ps. (csigirl from the gdt)

Swishy said...

How fun! Love those pictures!

Monnik said...

Kirsten - we looked for Digger's last night but couldn't find it. Is it maybe renamed to something with the word 'tomato' in the title? We drove by your high school and I waved. :)

Kari - where in WI do you live?

Kari said...

Right in the middle of the state. Good old Waupaca, home of the Chain o' Lakes.