Monday, July 27, 2009

Door County - Day 2

The girls and I started yesterday off with an hour long walk around the Sand Bay neighborhood where we are staying while the boys slept in. It was interesting to see the differences in the homes. Some are small and modest, like the one we’re renting for the week. Others are clearly used as party houses and aren’t quite kept up well. And then there are the grand, breathtaking houses that you dream of living in one day. The Boy is convinced that he’s going to live in one of those houses up here when he grows up and becomes a famous author. The girls and I enjoyed looking at the houses and we got some decent exercise in too.

After our walk, I made the family some banana pancakes and we decided that we’d go exploring for the day. We got in the car, map in hand, and amused ourselves by planning the game ‘Would You Rather’ that I got for the kids. It was all fun (and gross) until we read the card with the question “Would you rather eat pea soup off of an old man’s beard or baby slime after the infant was eating mashed peas?” The thought of eating pea soup off of an old man’s smelly, nasty beard mingled with my growing carsickness made for a rough ride.

Our first stop was a county park called cave point. The Husband and I have been here a few times before, when we’ve come to Door County for an anniversary weekend. We always said then that we’d be freaked out to take the kids to this park because of the steep edges that they could fall off into the water. But we really wanted them to see it, so after some very stern instructions to Bumblebee in particular, off we went.

The scenery was breathtaking. To the west, a forest of trees covered the park up to a rocky edge that ended in places high above Lake Michigan to the east. We took a thousand beautiful pictures, and here are a few.
TH, Bumblebee and The Boy perched atop a cliff with pine trees and Lake Michigan behind them:

Hollywood loves taking pictures - it was hard to get a shot of her when she wasn't bent over something taking a closeup of it. Picture of Hollywood crouched down near the edge of the drop off with a giant tree in the foreground. The tree's roots are exposed and they seem to melt into the rocky terrain:
Family photo of all of us in front of the lake:
Picture that shows The Boy, Hollywood, Bumblebee, and TH on top of a rock formation that has a hollowed out area underneath the lake is behind and underneath them:The rocks formed little caves and areas to explore. In this picture, Bumblebee had crawled underneath the rocks that were in the previous picture:
Here are my favorite pictures of the kids by themselves:
Bumblebee, with her back to the camera looking out over the waves of the lake:
Hollywood laying on her stomach taking a closeup picture of the sand:
The Boy sitting on a rock ledge with the trees in the background:

And finally, one of The Husband and me:
TH and me standing on the rocks in front of the lake:

You'd never guess it from the pictures, but the name of the game yesterday was rain, rain, rain, It’s weird, though, up here it appears to rain in short bursts off and on. Back home the rain sticks around for a lot longer than that. So even though we got rained on a few times, it didn’t ever ruin our plans because it ended fairly soon after it started and the blue sky would pop out again.

For lunch we headed into Sister Bay to eat at a place called Fred and Fuzzy’s. They have a nice outdoor seating area on a terraced lawn that overlooks the water and a marina. It looked as though the rain would hold off, so we decided to eat outside. Our waiter came and got our drinks and took our order and Hollywood melted. “He’s gorgeous!” she whispered to me. It was very funny to watch her swoon over this boy. When he offered to take a family picture for us, she had no problems gazing into the camera at him. See for yourself – here she is mooning over the waiter:
Family picture at the table. Hollywood has a goofy, moony faced grin:
We decided to get a good feel for the peninsula so after lunch we drove around for a few hours. The Husband found some good, faster routes between certain towns, and we traveled all the way up to the top of the ‘thumb’. Did you realize that Wisconsin is shaped like a hands with fingers down, doing the thumbs up sign? Well, we were at the tip of the thumb.

I wasn’t feeling all that well. We are traveling with our 10 year old Jeep Cherokee and it doesn’t ride very smoothly. In fact, it’s probably the bumpiest car I’ve ever owned and believe me, there have been lots of old clunkers in my automobile collection over the years. Anyway, I was feeling green and decided we should head back to the house to relax for a while before deciding what to do for the evening. We came home, I took a nap and felt better, and decided to head back up the peninsula for dinner and a movie.

We went to Fish Creek for pizza at a place called Sonny’s. TH and I have had their pizza before while up here and we liked it, so we took the family. Bumblebee was getting tired and whiny. She flipped out when we ordered pizza because she thought she’d hate everything there. Turns out she loved the pizza and had two slices of it.

Our last stop for the day was the old-fashioned Drive In theater in Ephraim. The kids and I have wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie and it happened to be playing there, so we lucked out. The Drive In is just like the one in the movie Grease with the playground equipment up front. The Husband said he was going to go swing on the swingset and sing “Oh Sandy…”

Before the movie, they showed original 50's animated commercials for candy and popcorn:
photo of the Drive In screen with animated candy:
The kids sat on lawn chairs in front of the jeep and watched the movie. Bumblebee was fast asleep within minutes of the movie starting, which always makes outings like that go a bit more smoothly.
photo of the kids sitting in lawn chairs in front of the Jeep at the drive in:
On the way home after the movie, we marveled at how there was no traffic up here on a Sunday night – when during the day it was crazy! We came across a curve in the road and I saw an animal walk out on to the highway. The Husband slowed down, and we saw a car coming in the opposite direction come to a complete halt. The animal was a porcupine and it decided to stop in the middle of the road - in front of the other car. The driver was honking it’s horn to make it move out of the way, but it didn’t. How weird to see a porcupine on the road at night – The Husband and I think it’s maybe the first time we’d ever seen one in the wild. I don’t think you’d want to hit one of those with your car – they’re bigger than you’d guess!

That was the end of yesterday. We came back to the house and flopped into our beds. Since we are at the mercy of the weather this week, I’m not sure what we’ll do today. It’s sunny and clear out at the moment, and the lake is calm and shimmery. If the weather stays this way, maybe we’ll head to a beach for a while or rent a pontoon boat.


Kirsten said...

Awww...the Skyway Drive-In...hubby and I had our first date there 19 years ago this Aug. 2nd. We saw "Back to the Future: III" and "Always." That drive-in was owned by the parents of one of my HS classmates and I think Dale and his brother own it, nowadays.


Cave Point is amazing. The best time to be there is when there is a storm out of the East. It blows huge waves into the caves and it's like the ground is thundering. Then there are little sink-holes where water will shoot-up out of the ground. So cool!

Barb said...

I am so living vicariously through you. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. You got some great shots. I especially love the one of the whole family on the rocks. Hope the rest of your vacation continues as well and look forward to hearing and seeing more of it!