Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bunny Terror

Anybody want a cat? You can have her for free. She's a lovely little thing - her favorite place to hang out is my closet. The fur on her belly is white and she has a fondness for sleeping on black clothing.

She is also a monster! A few weeks ago, Hollywood was hanging up clothes in my closet and she found a present that Mabel left us: a decapitated and disemboweled bunny. She left it on a black skirt of mine that was laying on my closet floor. It was Father's Day, so The Husband took one look at it and said, "Ha! Glad it's Father's Day - that's all yours!" So I had to clean it up. Ew, ew, ew.

Last night, The Husband and I were sleeping soundly and we woke up to the sound of this indescribable squeaky screeching that sounded kind of like this: "reeh, reeh, reeh!!!" The Husband leapt out of bed. "That cat has another bunny in here." He said.

Sure enough, when he flipped on the light, Mabel had a bunny in her mouth. The Husband went to grab the bunny and the cat ran out of our room into Bumblebee's room, where she darted under the bed.

The bunny was able to get away, and it tore off down the hallway into the dining room, squealing the entire way. Unfortunately for the bunny, Merlin (our dog) was also in the dining room, barking up a storm, and she was itching for a chance to play with Peter Cottontail too, so she scooped it up. The Husband yelled at the dog to drop the bunny, and she did. The bunny then darted into the living room, and this is when TH made a move that the most impressive wide receiver in the NFL would be hard pressed to match. With a flying leap, he caught the bunny by the leg and crashed to the floor.

He took it to the door and flung it outside. Then he went and scrubbed his hands with soap and water.

What was I doing during all of this hullabaloo? Well. I was terrified. At one point in it's frantic scrambling, the bunny ran close to my bare feet. I screamed like a little girl and ran the other way. Yeah, I'm brave.

Poor Hollywood's bedroom is in the basement, and she heard all of the scrambling, the dog barking, and TH's giant leap (which resulted in a resounding crash) and she thought we were being robbed. She was relieved when TH went downstairs to explain the fiasco.

The last time the cat brought in a bunny, Bumblebee had left the door off our sun room open. This time, all of the doors were closed, so we were puzzled as to how the cat got in, until we noticed that the windows in the living room were open and the cat had knocked the screens out of their track and squeezed through them.

Poor little bunny.


WebGal said...

wow. that is one determined hunter. that must have been quite the scene. I can't believe your husband actually caught the bunny!

Kirsten said...

Yikes! Poor bunny... One reason we don't let any of our 4 kitties outdoors is that I don't want the sorts of presents that they would give. Daily hairball "gifts" are bad enough.


My childhood kitty brought in a live chipmunk once. That was quite the challenge to free back into the outdoors. Now we just get the occasional bat that find his/her way in about once/year.

Travis Erwin said...

Cats gotta eat too. And at least you can save some bucks now that you know it can fend for itself.

Swishy said...

Holy crap, it's like Fatal Attraction! That is insane!!!

Jenster said...

What I want to know is: what did you do with the black skirt Glenn Close left her present on?

Now I have that Veggietales song "The Bunny" on my mind.