Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Adventures in Door County - Day 4

***Just heard on the local news that Brett Favre isn't going to play for the Vikings, that he's going to stay retired. Thank GOD! Now I can still wear my #4 jersey. I'm serious, it would have been hard to watch Favre play the game in a purple #4 jersey. Gag.***

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our fourth day in Door County: sunny and near 80 degree temps with not a cloud in the sky. We got up and went for another hour long walk through the neighborhood. It’s fun to just wander around and look at the houses. The wildlife here is interesting too - lots of frogs and toads, a thousand different kinds of birds, and other woodland animals too. A deer ambled across the road in front of us while we were walking, and later, Bumblebee shrieked when she almost stepped on a dead snake in the road. Lots of interesting things to look at while out for a walk.

We decided to spend the morning at the house relaxing. After breakfast, The Boy and The Husband played some horseshoes while the girls played in the house. I parked my lazy self in a chair on the dock and thoroughly enjoyed it:
*Photo of me lounging in a chair on the dock:
I kept hearing a splash in the water, so I went to investigate and right up by the shore of our house, was a freshly hatched school of baby bullheads along with it’s protective parent swimming around it. The newborn fish were so tiny that minnows were swimming close to them looking for a snack. But the mother (father?) bullhead wouldn’t have it. She kept swimming around the school of fish, protecting it with her size. We are so goofy - were fascinated by this and must have watched it for half an hour:
*Photo of the school of newly hatched fish and the protective parent:
*Photo of The Boy, TH, and Bumblebee standing on the dock looking at the fish:
After a bit more relaxing at 'home', we had lunch at the house. Then we headed out for the day. We decided to go up to Peninsula State Park, which is one of the coolest parks I've ever seen. There is SO much to do there! Tonight there's an outdoor theater musical production about being a cheesehead (Packer Fan) and I think we're going to go to it.

Yesterday, we began by going up to a lookout tower that was 250 feet tall:
*Photo of the lookout tower:
The view of the forest along the water was amazing. I don’t know when I turned into a nervous old lady, but I was very uneasy having the kids up there. The Boy leaned over the ledge to spit off of it and I thought I might faint. I never really think of myself as being afraid of heights, but when I see my kids up there goofing around near the edge, I was very worried!
*Photo of TH, The Boy, Hollywood, and Bumblebee at the top of the lookout tower:
The next thing we did at the park was to rent some bikes to ride along the trails. This was my favorite part of the day! There are about 12 miles of off-road trails through the park and we went all around them. Some of the hills were rough going, especially for The Husband who was pulling the cart behind with Bumblebee in it. But it was worth it on the downhills. Riding your bike fast through a beautiful forest is an amazing feeling. The scenery was breathtaking. Everything up here in Door County is just so picturesque!
*photo of The Boy, Hollywood, and TH riding their bikes on a trail. Bumblebee is in a pull along trailer behind TH.
The above picture was taken on the paved trail before we got to the off-road trails. Are you impressed at how great I can take a picture while riding a bike? Me too!

We stopped a few times to take pictures of the water…
*photo of The Boy along the shore:
*photo of TH and me along the shore with an expanse of forested shoreline behind us.
The next stop was the beach. We’d gotten a workout in with the bikes, so it was nice to cool off and relax in the water. The kids enjoyed looking at rocks and playing in the water and the sand:
*photo of Bumblebee splashing in the water:
*photo of The Boy and Bumblebee playing in the sand:
*photo of Hollywood in the water:
After the beach, we went to look at the Eagle Bluff lighthouse in the park. Here are a couple of photos of it. The information said it cost over $12,000 to build back in the 1800s. That seems like a lot of money for such a small building for those times:*photo of the lighthouse which is a sandy brick color with a dark red roof. The lighthouse is a short one, with a dodecahedron shaped tower at the top:
*photo of the kids along a rock wall overlooking the water:
After our trip to the park, we took the kids out to dinner at a place called The Wild Tomato in Fish Creek. There was a wait to get into the restaurant, so Hollywood climbed up in a tree to sit it out:
*photo of Hollywood sitting up in a tree.
We had a nice dinner, except for the fact that I’ve ordered fried cheese curds at two restaurants this week, only to be told that they were out of them. GAH! What’s a gal have to do to get some cheese curds?

After dinner, we drove back to the house and pretty much flopped into our beds. We were worn out from the day, but it was another good one!


Anonymous said...

I must be goofy too, because just your picture of the twee little baby fishies fascinates me!

Kirsten said...

I HATE that tower in the park. During HS track practices we had to go out there and run up and down the thing...and I am DEATHLY afraid of heights. 2 Summers ago DS and I went to visit my parents for a few days and thought we would climb the tower. DS (6.5 at the time) wouldn't go further up than that first big platform...which was fine by me, ha!

Those fish are really cool--I've never seen a mom fish do that. Very awesome Science lesson.

Have you guys hit Pebble Beach, yet (can't easily tell if that's the rocky beach you were at)? It's near Little Sister Resort in Sister Bay. The road to get there is by going past the Little Sister Cemetery. Very scenic, small, out-of-the-way beach with perfect stones for skipping. That was sort of MY beach growing up, since my grandparents once owned the resort and lived on Little Sister Road for as long as they were alive during my lifetime. We lived about a half mile from that beach, too.

Kari said...

Out of cheese curds! I would be irate.