Monday, May 18, 2009

Now That's a LONG Time!

Take a look at this picture. My grandma and grandpa celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Sixty-five years is a looooong time.

We celebrated with a family reunion of sorts. There were cousins there who I hadn't seen in fifteen years. It was nice to get together to share the event. There was a slide show that took us on a journey from the time they were first married, through the births of all six of their children. At the cake reception, my cousin put on a wonderful music program. It was a sing-a-long of sorts, singing songs that my Dad's family used to sing during long car trips. Hollywood helped out by playing on the guitar.

My grandpa has Alzheimer's. He handled the day very well, but he was confused and I think exhausted by the end of the night. I know a few of my cousins had a hard time seeing him like that - they were sad when he didn't remember them. I've seen him since he's been sick, so it wasn't a surprise to me, but I remember that first realization that his memory was going...

Grandma has made the decision to move him into the assisted living section of the retirement home that they live in. This week he will make the transition. I know it must have been a very hard decision for her, but it's the right one. Grandma needs to keep her strength up, and taking care of Grandpa full time like she's been doing has been very hard.

I know the day is coming when I will lose a grandparent. I'm aware that I'm very fortunate to still have all four of my grandparents alive at my age. I don't like thinking about losing any of them. What comforts me when I start to think of this, is the amazing legacy that they've created.

I'll close with this picture of Bumblebee giving Grandma a huge hug. This picture squishes my heart, I just love it so much. My daughter and my grandma embracing. How lovely.


WebGal said...

What a great memory to have! 65 years is a long time!

I know how hard it is to see a grandparent's memory fail. My grandpa had that and now my grandma. It's tough.

Travis Erwin said...

Great post. I have both grandmas but sadly both of my grandpas are gone. I did have the great fortune to also know one complete set of my great grandparents. they dies while I was a teenager but I have lots of memories..

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I come from a long line of peoplee that had their children in their early 20's.
We saw my grandparents celebrate their 65th and my great-grandparents celebrate their 75th!

It sounds like a good situation where your grandfather can still be in the same residence as your grandmother. Alzheimers is so much harder on the loved ones than the patient.

Barbara Martin said...

Both sets of my grandparents have passed away some time ago, but I remember both grandmothers from my childhood. Both sides of my family have the tendency to live long lives. The closest family members that I had to great-grandparents were great uncles and aunts who were alive when I was a teenager. They had the best stories to tell about their own lives.

Watching someone you love suffer from Alzheimer's is very difficult to deal with. My mother had it and told me during a lucid moment that having it doesn't hurt.

Its nice though that your grandmother can still see to her husband even though he is being taken care of elsewhere.