Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Has Been Happening Since My Last Blog Post

  • Jazzy (our 8 year old cat) died.
  • I read the second book in the Emigrants series (Unto a Good Land). Great read.
  • Spring decided to finally grace Iowa with its presence.
  • The Boy and I rode our bikes for 10 miles in one outing and I didn’t die or crash. (But my lady bits were numb and tingly.)
  • I ran 3 miles and realized that I have gotten sorely out of running shape this winter.
  • My baby brother turned 26.
  • I screwed my back up (again) but I think it is finally on the mend.
  • I attended five track meets and froze my ass off during four of them.
  • Bumblebee got a loose tooth.
  • I spent way too much time on Facebook and Pogo playing Scrabble.
  • Hollywood ‘overtexted’ to the tune of $290. She is now working that bill off one chore at a time.
  • The Husband got to grill our dinner because the weather is finally nice!
  • I attended a three day off-site meeting for work. It was so boring that I almost drifted into a non-reversible coma.
  • Easter came and my self-imposed ban on chocolate was lifted.
  • The Boy started voluntarily showering and brushing his teeth.
  • I went to my best friend’s little guy’s First Communion and spent time with her and the kids - something I don't get to do often enough.
  • It got warm enough to wear sandals without my toes turning blue from the cold.
  • We finalized our summer vacation plans by booking a lakeside cottage in Door County, Wisconsin.
  • My annual ‘sorrow day’ passed with only a small amount of sadness. I mostly thought of how content I am with how things are today.
  • My tulips, daffodils and phlox are all blooming beautifully.
  • It’s starting to get light out in the mornings AND stay light out past 8 at night!
  • I’ve neglected this blog, as well as everyone else’s. (I'm sorry!)
Happy Spring, everyone!!!


Kirsten said...

Door friggin' County...GET OUT! I grew up in Sister Bay (home of Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant--with the goats on the grass roof). Lived there from 1st-12th grade, then left for college. Moved to MI when I was 20. My folks still live in Sister Bay, though.

Another area to consider...that might be cheaper and more kid-friendly would be the Leelanau peninsula area of lower MI (featuring the Sleeping Bear Dunes Natl. Park). Gorgeous up there and a bit less overdeveloped. Plus you could do one $$ night at the Great Wolve Lodge up in Traverse City (just a short drive away) to really make your kids think you're super cool.


Monnik said...

oooh! Good idea for next year, Kirsten! DH and I have gone up to Door County several times for our anniversary. This is the first time we'll take the kids. I'm SO excited.

Swishy said...

That all sounds good to me (minus Hollywood's texting ... ha ha).