Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Night's Unsuccessful Dinner and Other Miscellany

Time for another Tidbit Tuesday. Bits of stuff from here and there…

Sunday we got some more snow. About 5-6 inches of it fell at our place, but most of it has melted away already. During the day we decided it was a good day to hang out in front of the fire. Hollywood, The Boy, and I camped out there reading good books. It was a heavenly way of spending the day, so I won't complain too loudly about the snow. But I would welcome warmer temps any day now. Seriously... Any. Day. Spring? Yeah, it's time you woke up and took over. Quit sleeping on the job and make Winter go do whatever it does during it's time off.

Track started for Hollywood a few weeks ago. She had her first track meet last Friday and another one is tonight. I’d forgotten how miserable track meets can be. Sure, they’re fun to watch, but BRRRRRRRRRRRR…. Cold and windy. There is still snow in my back yard, so tonight’s meet should leave my nose nice and red.

Last week, the Husband was working in a Nebraska school - installing distance learning classrooms. He was wearing a black button up shirt and tight jeans. A boy came up to him and asked him if he was a famous bull rider. Ha! HA! Cracks me up. And, sort of turns me on at the same time. Who wouldn’t want someone who can ride a mean old bull?! Get out the ropes! Hmmm… I think I am confusing my cowboys here – bull rider or bull wrangler. Whichever. They both work for me.

When The Husband is out of town I like to experiment with my dinners. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so I try out different things when he’s gone. Last night I attempted to make Pad Thai. It wasn’t very successful. Hollywood was the only one who thought it was even passable. The Boy ate about half of his, just to be polite. Bumblebee, on the other hand, was not amused. “This is disgusting!” she announced. Her brother and sister admonished her for her rudeness, looking at me to see if I’d get mad at her. I don't like it when I spend half an hour or more on a dinner (after working all day) only to have the kids complain about it. And they know it. But I didn't get mad this time, because I agreed. Dinner wasn't so great. Later on, the conversation somehow veered towards death or dying. I can’t remember why. What I do remember is Bumblebee all of a sudden saying emphatically, “Yeah, well, something died here on my plate!”

The Boy and Hollywood valiantly tried not to laugh. I don’t usually tolerate the kids complaining about what’s for dinner, and what she said was pretty derogatory. But, in the end, none of us could contain our laughter. It cracked us all up and soon we were giggling like crazy. Bumblebee was confused because she told us she was referring to the shrimp in the Pad Thai that died. Still. It was funny. She ate an orange and some Bunny Grahams instead.

Ah… the joys of dinnertime conversations.

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WebGal said...

Hope you had fun at the track meet tonight. I'm sure Bumblebee is glad you aren't 'experimenting' again tonight. :)

Oh...and I guess with the track meet I shouldn't send any spoilers about Biggest Loser, huh? :)