Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am such a mean mom.

We don’t have dessert often, but when we do, I make my kids eat most of their dinner before I allow them to eat it. Gasp. I know – the horrors! Told you I was mean!

A few weeks ago, Bumblebee wanted to make a recipe in her kids cookbook, so we bought ingredients for an orange juice and ice cream float. We made it once (it wasn’t great) and the rest of the ice cream has been in the freezer since.

Bumblebee has been hounding me about that ice cream ever since. It’s a real obsession for her. She absolutely will not let an evening go without commenting on that ice cream.

“Mom, can I have ice cream for dessert?” She’ll ask, a plate full of dinner that she hasn’t touched sitting in front of her. The kid lives on bread and butter; getting her to eat meat is near impossible.

When I explain that no, she can’t have ice cream if she won’t eat her dinner, her eyes will fill with tears, and she'll say:

“Mom! You’re wasting perfectly good ice cream by not letting us eat it.”

Last night, after lamenting the wasted ice cream yet again, her tears suddenly stopped, as a new idea formed in her brain. She scowled at me and muttered, “Probably you’re just saving it for yourself.”

Gack! She’s on to me! I purposely make dinner that she hates so that I can deny her ice cream for dessert and keep it for myself. Where’d I put my pointy hat and cauldron?


studentrntiffany said...

I love Bumblebee, she makes me laugh. And actually...you are saving that Icecream for me!

Kirsten said...

OMG, Bumblebee is the younger, female version of my son! He is a picky eater and meat is always the thing we have the biggest struggle getting him to eat.

But give him dessert and he inhales it.


I am also a mean mom.

WebGal said...

Wow...you ARE mean. I think in my sister's house, holding out on ice cream is akin to child abuse. (though my BIL probably would have scarfed it all down the day it entered the house...no waste there.)

Chris said...

Bahahhaaa She's onto us! The secret is out!!

Travis Erwin said...

You are the ice cream Grinch.

Jenster said...

BWAHAHA!!! She is such a smart little thing!!

Swishy said...

Ha ha ha. Your Bumblebee is such a piece of work, I just love her.

Debbielou said...

You've really made me laugh as my daughter although older is exactly the same! I too am a wicked mother who eats her children's sweets -they don't miss a trick do they !

Lauren said...

That's so cute. Well, are you saving it for yourself? Cuz I would :-P