Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today. Was. Awesome.

It was fifty-some degrees and sunny outside.

I'm not sore from my kickboxing class, which might mean that I'm starting to build some strength in these wimpy muscles.

We had two basketball games to go to, and Hollywood and The Boy both played well. The games were done by 12:30, so we had the rest of the day completely free.

What did I do with my time? Did I fire up my laptop and put in some more hours at work? Did I clean my messy house? Did I run errands, get caught up on organization, do my taxes, my bills, or my laundry? No!

I took a nap with Bumblebee.

A three hour nap. (Crap. Now I have Gilligan's theme song in my head. "...a three hour tour..." )

And then I spent the rest of the evening continuing my not-so-secret love affair with Edward the vampire. I only have 100 or so pages of Breaking Dawn left. I hyperventilate every time I think of the book being finished, so I purposely stopped reading tonight so that I have another day to read.

Pure bliss. I needed a day like today...


Debbielou said...

Lovely to snuggle up and snooze !

I wish we had 50 degree weather - The UK has almost ground to a halt this week because of sudden snow showers - the worst for 18yrs - Fun at first but now becoming a chore as we're not that well equipped to deal with it x

Travis Erwin said...

Kickboxing huh? We need some video of that to see just how tough you are getting.

Anonymous said...

I must admit.... I'm still REALLY intrigued by Edward. I have not read any of the books, so I have no idea what the big deal is.... but I'm curious about it.

You should write a book review when you're done;-)

Chris said...

Crap... now it's in my head, too.

Jenster said...

Oh! It sounds like perfection!!