Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Reason to Hate Winter

Warning: this post is a complete buzz kill. If you're in a cheerful mood and want to keep it that way, you might want to pop in another day...

We've been battling brutal cold temperatures here in the Midwest. I hate the cold for many reasons. I don't handle it well - give me 95 degrees with full humidity any day over negative temps.

I don't like the cold, I am a worrier, and maybe a tiny bit OCD. This past week, temps dropped into the negative teens and twenties before windchill. Hollywood and I get up early in the mornings to get our butts kicked in kickboxing class. (It should be called butt-kicking class.) On Friday morning, Bumblebee woke up before we left and wanted to come into the living room and rest on the sofa until we got home. I wouldn't let her; I made her go crawl in bed with The Husband instead. Why? Because I had visions of her going outside for some reason and freezing to death while we were gone. On Friday morning, my brain kept replaying those horrible thoughts, so when I read a news story that basically confirmed my fear/hate of the cold, I was seriously freaked out.

A wheelchair-bound man who lived in a rural area not far from us was found unconscious outside in the cold by a garbage worker. He appeared to be frozen to his wheelchair with a shovel in his hand. They figure that he'd gone out earlier in the morning to shovel his driveway and got stuck somehow. The garbage worker who found him took him inside to warm him up until paramedics arrived, but the man died shortly after he got to the hospital.

Maybe it's because I'd been thinking about a similar situation with Bumblebee, or perhaps because this story is just so abjectly horrifying, I can't get it out of my mind. I keep thinking of how frightened that man must have been while stuck in his wheelchair with nobody to help (he lived in a rural area, with no neighbors in close proximity.) What were the thoughts that went through his mind as he was stuck there? Was he a praying man? Did he know that this was it for him? The news articles say that he has two daughters, and I can't imagine what they're going through today. My heart goes out to them.

As I look outside at the gusts of wind creating new snow drifts, I can't get thoughts of this man out of my mind. It's just so sad... I'm thankful for the warmth of my home, and pray for everyone who doesn't have all that I do.

After all of this, I think it's appropriate to tell Old Man Winter to get the hell out of here. Soon, please.


krobzoo said...

I know - I read that story and just wondereed what went through his mind too. I was hoping an autopsy would say he had a heart attack or something, so it wouldn't be that he froze to death and knew it was happening. I had a dream a few nights ago about getting up to get ready for work, opening the curtains, and Jack was outside in the backyard in the snow - and he was sleep-walking. And since he does, it has made me extra paranoid. Just what I need.


In India it is still hot. There is snow fall in Kashmir and some northern parts. Here we find good weather for whole year.

Naval Langa

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Mom In Scrubs said...

I hate the heat...I can't imagine sweltering to death as so many do in the summers. It seems like freezing to death would be preferable.

That said, the wheelchair guy was an awful story. I worry about my Grandma living in the middle of nowhere alone every winter, too. And she's pretty darn healthy!

Thank God my kids don't sleepwalk. I'd have to have high-up deadbolts on all my outside doors.

But then, what if there was a fire?