Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughtful Tuesday

Hey everyone. This is another 'Thoughtful Tuesday', where thoughtful is really just another way of saying word vomit. So buckle up!,


First off, I want to wish everyone who is a veteran, loves a veteran, has a crush on a veteran, or knows a veteran, Happy Veteran's Day. I appreciate the absolute selfless sacrifice veterans continue to give to this great country.

In a sort-of-related-to-Veteran's-Day tangent, I just got done reading a book called Miracle at St. Anna. I don't typically like war novels, but this one was given to The Husband by my mom for Christmas, and he recommended it. It was a haunting story, yet it was beautiful and interesting too. I believe there's a movie out (or coming out) based on the book. Might have to go see it.


I'm having a work from home day which in a perfect world, would mean that I could work in my pj's all day. But not today. I had The Boy and Bumblebee's Holiday Luncheon at the school today. It's where the school serves a Thanksgiving-ish dinner and invites the parents to come along and eat with the kids. It's also a good reminder of why I've been letting the kids bring cold lunch lately. Eesh. Here's a pic of Bumblebee dressed up as a Native American. The other Kindergarten class dressed as pilgrims. The Indian kids were supposed to wear brown. We got the brown pants down, but I realized that Bumblebee has no brown shirts. So she picked this one. What? You don't think little Yellow Bird here should be wearing a tie-dye shirt?


Papers are overtaking my home and giving me a panick attack. Seriously, the equivalent of a giant forest worth of trees is closing in on me as I type this. I feel like the victim in a cheesy horror flick - Attack of the Perilous Pile of Papers..... The piles of junk papers are closing in on me and soon I won't be albe to function. School papers come home with my kids by the thousands. Junk mail arrives in my mailbox by the truckload. Bills are everywhere. Seriously. I can turn my head every direction and see a stack of papers. Can't. Breathe. Must. De-clutter.


We're heading down to KC this weekend. Hollywood turns 15 on Sunday (ack!) and wants to go shopping at the Plaza. That's my kind of birthday present! Two of my brothers (and my new sis-in-law) live in KC, so we'll be hanging out with them. Should be a fun time.


I'm worried about my dog. She's getting old, has bad gas, resulting in the most foul smelling farts ever ripped on this planet, she has labored breathing sometimes (almost sounds like an asthma attack!), and she's losing her hair. All around her neck, you can see her skin. Here's a pic I just took of her.

See how cute she is? That's her 'Thanks for giving me a doggie treat' expression. And yeah, she looks pretty furry there, but you can't see where her hair is thinning in the picture. It's on the back of her neck. Do dogs get bald like people do when they get older? I probably just need to take her into the vet. She's about due for her checkup anyway, but I'm afraid of what they'll say. Ignorance is sometimes better, you know? She's been a part of our family for 9 1/2 years now, and I am worried that something serious is wrong with her.


We were supposed to get freezing rain today, but so far it's stayed above freezing where I live. Which is good. I'm not ready for the bad driving conditions (and all of the moron drivers who come out of the woodwork during the bad weather.)

A woman was accidentally ran over by a garbage truck downtown last week. It was near where my mom works, so I was at first worried that it was her (I always assume the worst!) but she was safe in North Carolina or somewhere, so that was good.

But I can't get thoughts of this accident out of my head. A friend of mine works with someone who saw the body and we got to talking about his account of the accident. The details of her death were horrific, and I'll spare you from them. But what I can't get out of my head is what was said about the truck driver. After the accident, he was apparently laying in the fetal position and sobbing. Completely devastated by the accident, as anyone would be. I ask that if you're the praying type, you pray for the family of the woman who lost her life and also for this poor man who will live with this horrible memory for the rest of his life.

My hip is bugging me again. Same old running injury I've had since high school track. Weird how it gets worse in cold weather. I'm going to stick to inside running on the boring old treadmill for a while and see if I can nurse it back to health. Last winter I used my bum hip as an excuse to get lazy, stop running for months, and gain 15 pounds. Not doing that this year. No sir.

Hmmm. some of that wasn't very uplifting. But that's life, I suppose. And, that's all I've got for now. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...


I know how you feel with the papers.

I have all of these plastic tubbies everywhere with papers in them.

good lord.

WebGal said...

I can't stop thinking about the woman and the driver either...especially since I walk by the area on the way to and from work.

Swishy said...

Your little Bumblebee Native American is darling!!!

Barrie said...

I'm drowning in papers too. Isn't there some kind of solution?

Mom In Scrubs said...

Cute little Native American!! I think tie-dye is perfectly OK.

The garbage truck thing reminds me of the incident in our hometown where a garbage worker who was on the back of the truck stuck his head out to the side just as the truck went under a very narrow bridge...**shiver**

I'll pray. That sucks.

Barb said...

Bumble bee looks just too adorable. For the school papers, I have plastic bins with the kids names on them. All year I throw the school papers in those and at the end of the year I pull out the "special" ones along with some of their artwork, their last report card and that goes into a manila envelope. I make them write on the outside of the envelope, their name, grade, teacher, school, etc. I save that and the rest goes in the trash!

Steph said...

I admire that you have a running injury. I have a sitting-on-my-butt-too-much disorder that could eventually lead to a headed-for-some-chronic-disease injury if I don't get more exercise! Seriously, though, hope the hip feels better.