Friday, October 17, 2008

This is What Happens When I'm Sleep Deprived

I have a tendency of blurting out my thoughts without considering the impact of them.

Our bathroom on the sixth floor of this Giant Ass Bank building has, um, ventilation problems... Because of this, people bring in those obnoxious air freshener sprays to try and mask the scent of people doing their business at their business. (ha!)

This morning, I was hurrying to the bathroom after a meeting when the smell of artificial cinnamon spray hit me like a brick in the face several feet outside of the door to the bathroom. My stomach lurched - I'm very sensitive to smells. As I came into the restroom, I saw someone exiting a stall. Instead of nodding a friendly hello, I blurted out, complete with a nose plug gesture, “Whoo-eeeee! You can smell that crap all the way out in the hallway!”

Let me be clear here: I was referring to the air freshener.

The woman in the bathroom gave me a look of horror mixed with embarrassment. She didn’t even respond. That’s when I realized that she must have just gotten done (insert crude bowel movement euphemism here) in there and thought I was referring to the actual smell of crap.

After she washed her hands in record time and flew out of the bathroom, I couldn’t stifle my giggle. Oops. When will I ever learn that silence is golden?


Kirsten said...

Ha, her response should have been "impressed?"

At least that's what I would have said. But I think poopy is funny.


WebGal said...

HA! That's awesome....and using the Peter Griffin graphic was the perfect compliment.

WebGal said... mean complement.

Tanya said...

Poor girl.

I hate those air freshners too. The smell of them makes me sick, and my sisters are allergic to them. Makes it hard to find a bathroom sometimes.

I don't like how society is so afraid of any "natural" type smell that they feel like the need to cover it with chemicals.

Mom In Scrubs said...

We had one of you at my work too. But she just didn't care who she offended. Being not easily offended myself, I thought she was freakin' hilarious!!

One of my favorites as she walked into the bathroom: "ALL RIGHT. WHO S@#T FLOWERS???" She hated airfresheners. Said they just made the bathroom smell like S#@T and (freshener scent).

Ha Ha. I don't think you'll ever change. Which is just fine with me! xoxoxo

Shakespere said...

Interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it. thanks

Jenster said...


Travis Erwin said...

And a man would have taken great pride in such a compliment.

SUV Mama said...

Okay, THAT was flippin' funny. Especially since it wasn't ME exiting the bathroom.