Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Different Way to "Sock" it to Him

Does this make me a bad mom?

I told The Boy that he had to carry the dirty socks that he left in the family room upstairs to the laundry room - holding the socks to his nose the entire way. I considered making him stuff them in his mouth, but figured they were hazardous to his health, so I was lenient and made him sniff them instead.

Hopefully he will think back on this fond memory the next time he gets the urge to play his X-Box in his bare feet.


Travis Erwin said...

You've probably traumatized him for life. He may have to start wearing flip-flops an avoid socks altogether.

Jenster said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think you're the perfect mom!!

Debbielou said...

What an evil mother - brilliant !!

Will try that one on the husband !!

Mom In Scrubs said...

I'm with Travis - scarred for life.

And with your thing for feet and feet accessories!!! EVIL!

'Course, I wouldn't want to pick those gnarly socks up either...bet he doesn't do that again!