Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strange News Day

I can't decide which news story is weirder:

1. Clay Aiken is gay. I don't know about you but I'm shocked and astounded! And as a side note, isn't Clay's baby super adorable?


2. Lindsay Lohan says she's dating a woman. Well DUH!!


3. PETA wants Ben and Jerry's to use breast milk in their ice cream.

Thank God the ice cream geniuses said no.

Although... it would be an interesting way to make some money. Less painful than selling plasma or platelets or whatever it is that's floating in your blood that people who are down on their luck sell. And if you had a drink or two the night before and couldn't feed the baby for fear of making her tipsy? No problem! Ben and Jerry's next flavor could be pump and dump praline pecan.


Kirsten said...

Bwahahahahaaaa...on all 3!

That pump-n-dump bit is particularly awesome! I was an exclusive pumper (my kid's lazy)...Tues. nights used to be mommy's box wine night ('cause I'm a closet "The Real World" fan), so Weds. AM's first pump was a dumper batch. Damn, I coulda made some coin!


Never Settle said...

"pump and dump praline pecan"

This is hysterical! Love it!

Barb said...

"Pump & Dump ice cream" ~ That's just waaay too funny.

Kiersten said...

Sweet! I make SO much extra milk when I'm lactating...I'm so set for extra cash next time I have a baby!

Also, your homecoming post about Hollywood had me panicking for a moment about my own daughter...until I realized she's four. AND my religion has this awesome "don't date until you're sixteen" random arbitrary guideline, so I've got a solid twelve years. Whew.

You have beautiful kids, though ; )

The only question I have left is, is breastmilk lower fat? Isn't it really fatty? Hmmmm...

Mom In Scrubs said...

How about "Chocolate Colostrum Crunch?"

You crack me up, you genius girl you!

Travis Erwin said...

PETA and me rarely see eye to eye but if their idea catches on I might become a dairy farmer.

Anonymous said...


I saw it.

from far far away....

IT..was coming.

SUV Mama said...

LOL! Yes, #1. Big shocker. Slow news week, I guess.

Dairy Farmer. Travis. Oh, that's an image.

Jenster said...

Pump N Dump! LOL Can you just imagine what the carton would look like?? Heehee