Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today was a beautiful day- it was Hollywood's Confirmation day. We woke to a cool, misty morning with temps in the upper 40s. Hollywood and I went out for a run in the early morning air - a great way to start the day.

The day grew into a bright and sunny afternoon, a nice backdrop for the day Hollywood would get confirmed. Our parish is a small church in a town near us. For many years it's had the tradition of having the Confirmation mass in the breathtaking cathedral in downtown Des Moines. I had to borrow a camera, so I didn't take many pictures of it, but it's the church my brother is getting married in next month, so I hope to take some photos then.

Hollywood chose the name Cecilia as her saint name for Confirmation. She picked St. Cecilia because she's the patron saint of music, and music is very important to Hollywood. My brother K was her sponsor. Here's a pic of them together at the church:

K took the job seriously, and gave her a gift of a beautiful cross necklace with diamonds in it. Here's a picture of the bishop blessing the necklace. It looks like he's scolding Hollywood, but he's not. I promise.

After the ceremony, we went back to our house for some food. Chili, sausage balls, pigs in blankets, apple cake, and a fruit plate. Yum. We had lots of family over to share the food and watch the late football games. Faith, family, and food - you can't beat that combination.

Later in the day it cooled down and a soft, fragrant rain fell. As the sun was setting, it peeked through the rain clouds, casting a gentle orange glow through the raindrops.

Tonight I'll fall asleep, listening to the hypnotic sound of another football game playing softly on my tv.

Fall is beautiful.

And so is Hollywood. Congratulations to her on this Confirmation Day.


Jenster said...

Good for Hollywood! What a beautiful day for a beautiful girl!

SUV Mama said...

YEAH! Congratulations!

I still remember my confirmation day as being a beautiful, fun day filled with food & family as well.

Tiffany said...

Congrats! She looks beautiful! What a wonderful day to remember!

WebGal said...

Congrats to Hollywood!

ALF said...

That's cool that you guys go running together.

Horray for football season and for fall!

Debbielou said...

Congratulations Hollywood - Beautiful picture ! - I can still remember my confirmation all those years ago !

Swishy said...

Awwww, congratulations! It looks like such a beautiful day!

Travis Erwin said...

The local Diocese just move the confirmation age from 2nd grade to 14 this year which is good because my oldest is in the 2nd grade and I was a bit worried he wasn't ready.