Friday, August 15, 2008

A Stomach Bug and the Usual Rambling

Whew - it's Friday.

About time!

I think I’ve calmed down a bit – I'm not as freaked out or stressed as I was earlier in the week. I’m trying to look on the bright side. Sure, I have a bunch of stupid unexpected expenses that have cropped up (dishwasher, dental work, washing machine) and all of the expected expenses are coming in at unexpected prices. That sucks, but I need to keep in mind that The Husband and I have great jobs, a nice home, and money in the bank (even if it’s not as much as we’d like.) Many people don’t have those things, so why am I complaining?! Well, I'm not! It's almost the weekend!

School starts this week, so we have a shopping trip ahead of us. The kids need new shoes, and I "need" a new dress for my cousin's wedding next weekend. That will be fun! Last night was the ‘back to school’ night where we dropped off school supplies and said hello to the teachers. Bumblebee was so very excited! Her teacher prepared a scavenger hunt type of activity where the students had to do a bunch of things on the list. (empty your school supplies into the appropriate tub, find the cubby with your name on it, look at the imagination station, etc.) The last item on the list was to go give Mrs. R either a high five, a handshake, or a hug. Lots of the kids were being shy, but not my social little gal. She ran full force into Mrs. R and gave her a giant hug, a high five, and a handshake! I think she’ll be fine at school, don’t you?

The Boy dropped his stuff off in his sixth grade classroom. His class is actually a ‘buddy class’ to Bumblebee’s. Each 6th grader has a buddy in Kindergarten. They help teach the little ones to read, and do fun things with them. The kids thought it was cool that The Boy’s class is paired up with Bumblebee’s. The Boy went to find his desk, and was delighted to see that he was seated right next to his very good friend, D, who lives in our neighborhood. D’s mom and I chuckled at that and agreed that they’d have different seats within a week.

Hollywood and I went for our run last night and I swallowed a bug. This is common since we run on a very buggy county road and in August it's a bug extravaganza out there. I think I either breathe or swallow a bug at least once on every run (low in calories, high in protein!). This one, though, veered into the path of my powerful inhalation (read: gasping for breath) and it smacked with surprising force into the back of my throat. I’m not sure what kind of bug it was, since it bypassed my taste buds and went straight for my throat. But it was a big bug – felt like a vitamin. I hope to God that it wasn't a June bug because I HATE those things almost as much as cockroaches. Whatever it was, it left a mark. Even this morning, it feels like it’s still back there, but I know it can't be. (It can't still be there, right? Right?!!) I'm sure the poor little guy lived his last moments shrieking in agony over the pain of being burned alive by my stomach acid… Look – there he is! Interesting that my stomach has blue sky behind it, isn’t it?

And on that lovely note, I’ll hang this one up. Have a great weekend!


Tiffany said...

Im laughing so hard.....poor you! Hope it wasnt a June bug, those are gross!

Have a great weekend!


WebGal said...

LOL! Maybe you should look into some sort of netting for when you run. If you can't find any, you can invent and sell it and become a millionaire and share some with me because I gave you the idea. :) Maybe not.

Barb said...

EWWWWW! Reason 652 why I don't run!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ewww, thanks. Now I feel like I have a bug in MY throat!

ALF said...

Mmm...delicious. Bugs always seem to fly in my ears.

Swishy said...

Yuuuuck! ha ha ha. Sounds like the kids are in good shape for school!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Can't believe they're headed back tomorrow! And I'm in Lincoln so I have to miss I told JeepMan to take pictures and he was completely baffled as to why. I finally ended with "because I asked you to, that's why!" Grrr. Men.

Oh, and the bug thing gave me the goosebumps. Thanks a lot!