Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Agitated.

But my washing machine isn't. (ha! Get it? Agitate?)

<---- That's me. Today I received a visit from the polite (but a bit on the geeky side) washing machine repair man. He was very pleasant – he showed up during the two hour time window that he’d promised, wiped his feet at the door, and said hello to my kidlets. He spent about twenty minutes grunting while he lifted my washing machine so he could peer into the guts of it. He then pronounced that he could write up a detailed estimate, but that the work would cost as much as a new washing machine. The best part is that I got to pay Mr. Washing Machine Guy $65 to tell me this. He did have the courtesy to tell me that he hoped he didn’t see me again soon, at least under similar circumstances. Why, though? Why did it have to go this way? Why couldn't it be an easy peasy repair? Nothing ever happens easily like that in real life, though does it?

I’m not as stressed about it as I was last Friday, but it still blows. I don’t want to spend a bunch of cash on a new washer. And here’s what I want to know. My mom gave me her old avocado green Maytag set when I first got my own place. That set was like 20 years old then and it lasted me several years. I bought another Maytag thinking it had to have been built with the same ‘tough as nails’ process. Um. Apparently not. This version only lasted me 8 years. Which is crap.

Washing machines should totally last longer than 8 years, even if your 14 year old kid crams 8 pairs of The Husband's 156 inch inseam, giant length, heavy duty jeans into one load without distributing them evenly. Why can’t they make quality things anymore?! I’d blame China for beginning the cheap manufacturing trend* but I’m too enamored with their girls' gymnastics team to say anything bad about them. What? Those girls are flipping adorable! And they deserved to win the gold last night, they were the better team, even though there’s no way in hell that cute little teensy one with the sparkly blue eye shadow is 16.

*Yes, I know they didn't make my washing machine in China. I hear they're made in Mexico City these days.

In other news… the kids go back to school on Monday. Well, The Boy and Hollywood do. Bumblebee starts school on Wednesday. I will have a kid in high school, one in sixth grade, and one in Kindergarten. When did I become this old? No, seriously. I cannot have a high schooler. I was just in high school myself! Really!


Jenster said...

But my washing machine isn't. (ha! Get it? Agitate?)

Hahahahaha!!! You so funnee!

Kirsten said...!

That stinks, but I hear you on the longevity of modern appliances...or lack thereof. We replaced our dryer after 10 years. Washer is almost 12 and still works, but I wonder how much longer. From the sound of things we are just lucky. Old refrigerators lasted a lot longer, too.

My grandparents had a resort and washed tons of towels and bedding every day...and their washer and dryer lasted for decades.

Mom In Scrubs said...

"They don't make 'em like they used to..."

Yeah, we're old.

But you're two days older =)

Manic Mom said...

Maybe this will unagitate you--you won something over at Manic's!

Barb said...

That truly does suck! I hate the washer and dryer we have in the new house, but at least they run. I hated giving up our old reliable one though.
Keep your chin up ~ school's about to start (Yipee) and YOU are not old, the kids are and somehow they do it all on their own and we stay the same. Take it from me, I couldn't possibly have a 28 y/o married daughter!

SUV Mama said...

So, you get a new washer. Get a front loader, and you don't have to ever worry about unbalanced loads again. Ever. :) Plus, it's good, clean entertainment for small children. Wait. Your kids aren't THAT small.

My baby starts Kindergarten in a few weeks. I don't even want to think about it. Do you cry when they start high school as well?

Tanya said...

I agree about those Chineese gymmists. Even if Asian women are generally smaller, I don't believe that not even one of the girls on the team is close to 16.

obama mama said...

Hey there...
I enjoy your blog although this comment has nothing to do with "I'm agitated". Your grandma showed me your blog tonight and we looked at some of your pics. I enjoy it! Heard might be running in the DesMoines marathon or 1/2 marathon. Might just see your aunt and uncle running!!! Take care. M