Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Running Post

I've been very slowly increasing my mileage each week, and am back to where I was last fall before my hip injury and winter laziness sidelined me.

It feels good, mostly. My hip still likes to bug me once in a while, but it's minor, and so for the most part I'm injury free.

I'd like to lose 15 pounds. You'd think that I would be losing weight since I've been increasing my mileage steadily since May. But no. Not me...

The only way I've ever lost weight is to restrict my calories. I was really successful at it a few years ago. I lost about 35 pounds while on Weight Watchers. I looked great, but the weight loss was achieved without much exercise.

This time around, I wanted to get fit and lose weight. The folks on the running forums that I'm addicted to I frequent are always saying to 'run for fitness, and eat to lose weight'. Which basically means that running isn't a magic bullet for weight loss, healthy eating habits are. Nothing new there.

But that's hard for me! I know it's mostly mental. I'm trying to get away from that I ran today so I can have a cheeseburger mentality. But it's tough to get past that thought. I'm doing better about that, but am not perfect. Another thing I struggle with is that running makes me hungrier! (no surprise there...) It also makes me tired, and when I get that mid afternoon head-bob sleepiness while sitting in my cube at Giant Ass Bank, peanut m&ms are a great pick me up. It's a vicious circle (cycle? which is the correct term there?) that I deal with. I whine that I'm not losing weight and yet I eat m&ms. Dumb!

I suppose that if I get to the point where I'm running 30+ miles a week, I might see some weight loss as a result of the running, but for now, my 15 miles a week (which I'm very proud to have worked up to...) isn't doing much.

I guess if I changed my motto away from the one below, I'd fare better in the weight loss department, huh?

YUM. Doesn't that cake look awesome?



Barb said...

My doctor told me that it's the sugar that makes me crash in the afternoons and I've found that if I stay away from sugar during the day ~ I do better. I fully respect you for running ~ I just can't make myself... but wish you all the success in the world

Travis Erwin said...

Good for you. I never run and yet I still eat those cheeseburgers.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Ohhhh, Peanut Crack&M's.
I have never been able to run without pain, even when I was in high school.
I like to walk, but before work I'm useless and after work I'm too tired. As soon as the FL weather cools down a little I'm going to start again.

WebGal said...

You are my running hero!

And that cake looks nasty.

Debbielou said...

The cake looks brill ! I do exactly the same - I go to the gym and burn off half a biscuit - come home and eat half the pack !

The SUV Bitch said...

Start weight lifting. Seriously. You will be fit AND look great, and it's just three days a week of a little extra lifting- no extra running necessary!