Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stormy Sunday

At work we say that we are in e-mail jail when Outlook won’t let you send emails until you’ve reduced the size of your inbox. Right now I’m in blog jail too. I took pictures to add to this post, but I can’t load them anywhere, because we have no internet at home thanks to the storm that blew through the area on Sunday. And, since the prison guards IT administrators at work have locked down my laptop so that I can’t use a jump drive to load pictures here at work, I am stuck.

So I guess that means I’ll have to create pretty pictures instead of posting the ones I took.

I mentioned the storm on Sunday. It arrived quite unexpectedly around 4 p.m. I was in The Boy’s room putting on a new door handle (you didn’t know I was so handy, did you?) when Hollywood came to tell me there was a tornado warning. “Say Wha?” I said. I’d been outside ten minutes earlier. It was hot and sticky, but not tornadoey out there.

So we went downstairs and turned on the news. Sure enough, there was a bad storm coming, and boy did it hit our neighborhood. The wind and rain were terrible; I actually had the kids get into what we lovingly refer to as the mushroom closet (because of the damp, musty smell). I, of course, was right by the sliding glass doors (do as I say, children, not as I do...) and I saw trees that were parallel to the ground, lots of gray and green swirlies and a TON of water.

Then the power went out and the soothing voice of John McLaughlin, our weather guy, who was telling me that now was not a time to panic, but a time to be safe, went silent. A river began to form in our back yard, and the water came up to the bottom of the siding glass door by our patio. I heard a loud crash and saw that a large branch from our next door neighbor’s tree fell and barely missed our house.

Meanwhile, The Husband was out shopping at Target. They herded all of the customers into a back storage room to wait out the storm. He kept in contact with us via cell phone until his mom called him. She was in the car driving up north for the evening when the storm hit. She pulled over and talked with The Husband during the worst of the storm. Thank God she didn't get blown off the road.

After a while, the storm passed and Target let The Husband come home. We went outside to find tree branches and limbs everywhere! Our neighbors across the street had a tree fall onto one of their cars. (Better them than me…. I know, that's not a nice neighborly thought, but seriously... it is better that it was them, right?)

We still had no power, and we were hungry. I decided to use the grill to make BLTs:

But, the problem with that is, it took an hour to fry a pound of bacon! Still, we ate. And eating is good.

Later that night, after we cleaned up the twigs, we went inside. Because we had no tv, X-Box, Internet, stereo, and not enough light to read by, we all sat in the living room and listened to The Husband play his guitar. He wanted me to sing along too, but I don’t sing unless alcohol is involved, and it wasn’t.

Bumblebee had gotten an early birthday present, so she sat on the floor with the little remaining light left from the open front door and windows and played. When it got too dark for her to see, we moved all of the candles we could find into the living room and put them on the piano so that she could play with her toys. (I really did take a cool picture of the candles in the dark… I won’t even try to recreate that one. Just trust me, it looked cool.)

Later that evening, more storms ripped through, the second round bringing golf ball sized hail. I was afraid the ceiling of my sun room would take on the appearance of my cellulitey thighs when the storm was done, but not even a dimple poked through the roof. I was up most of the night, because of the rain – it went on and on all night long. Our area again has flooding, and trust me, we don’t need any more flooding around these parts.

Onto other news, today is the last day Bumblebee will ever be 4 years old. Last night, she started tearing up and said with a quivering chin, “Momma, I’m kind of sad that I won’t be four anymore. I like being four.” I assured her that great things will come of being five years old. Hopefully I will be out of blog jail soon so that I can post the birthday pictures…


Jane said...

Glad you're safe. I know that you and I have said this back and forth about a million times already, but good grief, this year has been crazy!

I'm going to be in IA next weekend for a big sprint car race. Keep the weather away from us, thanks.

Debbielou said...

Scary stuff - glad you are all ok ! Love the pictures - really great !

Hope that Bumble Bee has a great birthday - I know what she means about not being 4 any more - 20 days and counting till I'm not 39 any more ! x

Travis Erwin said...

Glad y'all are all safe and sound.

WebGal said...

LOVE the pics!!!!! Hehe. :)

Mom In Scrubs said...

Very creative - nice job!

Plato turned 7 yesterday, and I'm such a great mom. I didn't blog about it. I told myself it was because of lack of pictures. His party will be this coming weekend, so that's when his post will come up!

Believe it or not, Nebraska is about as bad. Nasty storms here the last couple weeks. And it's always reassuring when you find out there was a tornado warning and your hotel didn't take any steps to evacuate you. Hospitality at its finest!

Barb said...

So glad everyone is safe ~ having said that... I loved this post. It was really well written and even though I miss the real pics I loved the ones you made. Thanks