Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dirty Jobs

I have a not-so-secret crush on Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs. I don't regularly watch his show because it causes me to shudder and squeal, "ew, ew, gross!" like an eight year old girl. But I love the guy and have seen the show enough that my my heart gets all aflutter if I think happy thoughts about Mr. Rowe. I've always liked that rugged, use your muscles during your day job kind of thing, and he does it so well. And with such charming humility. And check out that that sort of 'are you kidding me?' smile!

*fanning self*

But that's not what this post is about. It's about a sucky, horrible, awful job. (mine)

Here are just a few of the icky things Mike has done for his job:
  • Fish Gutter
  • Salmon Carcass Counter
  • Road Kill Remover
  • Septic Tank Cleaner
  • Skull Cleaner
  • Worm Poop Rancher
  • Chick Sexer
  • Horse Inseminator
  • Pregnant Cow Examiner
I guess my job boils down to just a couple of neat titles:
  • Idiot wrangler to a bunch of chicken little 'the sky is falling' freaks
  • Sleep deprived zombie
So when I have a particularly crappy week at my cushy Giant Ass Bank job, where nary an animal carcass can be found, I should remember that there are worse jobs out there, right?

I'm not sure, though. After the last two sleepless days, I think it might be preferable to scoop up bat shit in a dark cave with only the light of a headlamp to guide the way.


Kirsten said...

Mike HOT! I love Dirty Jobs. Have you seen all the old Mike Rowe videos from QVC on YouTube? He was hilarious and so dry even then.


Mom In Scrubs said...

Hey, you know I love him!! He was on my Hot List awhile back. And yes, some days sticking your entire arm up to your shoulder in a cow's vagina sounds pretty darn good.

Been keeping up w/you on Google Reader. Only one bad thing: can't comment from Google Reader! It's like crack for the instant gratification generation...;)

Mom In Scrubs said...

Regarding Tom Colicchio...

Yahoo Images search his name. There are some pics of him from 2004. I THINK it's him. He looks like John Lithgow. Wowsers!

Swishy said...

Oh, that is SUCH a cute picture!

Debbielou said...

They say over here - "Where there's muck there's money !!"

Monnik said...

Mom in scrubs,

I think you just have to be a Top Chef fan to get Tom Colicchio's appeal.

Barb said...

There are days when I feel like I could host dirty jobs but really it's not so bad.

Travis Erwin said...

Did you know he used to be an opera singer?

Mama P said...

I like that dude, too.