Sunday, July 13, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Wow - this was a busy weekend!

Friday night The Husband returned home from a week in Florida - we were happy to see him. Then, first thing Saturday morning, we were off to walk in the Summerfest parade for the Obama supporters with my mother-in-law. We got off to a cold and rainy start, and waiting for the parade to start moving wasn't the most fun, but once we got going, it was a nice time. Bumblebee and The Boy passed out candy. Bumblebee kept flinging the candy as hard as she could at the crowds, so we had to get her to go easy on the candy missles. My mother-in-law is very enthusiastic about her support for Barack, so she was out there hollering and leading cheers. It was fun to watch - but when pressed to join in and be just as loud and boisterous, Hollywood politely declined. She was content to quietly mouth the words to each cheer.

After the parade, we had a lazy Saturday and then the family went out to dinner at Red Lobster. I know I'm a total geek for this, but seriously, I freaking LOVE that place. I left with a full belly and wished I hadn't eaten as much as I had, but yum. That all, just yum.

Today was another packed day. We got up at the crack of dawn for the Summerfest 5K. This time The Boy agreed to run in it. It was his first race!! He hadn't ever ran the full 3.1 mile distance before, so our goal was just to have fun and do the best we could. Since I had a new running partner, Hollywood was able to break free from running with her slow mom, and she had a goal of a sub 30 minute 5K. She shattered that goal with a 28:14 performance. My sister-in-law also ran the race and she finished in under 30 minutes too. Way to go, speed demons!! The Boy and I weren't as speedy, but we finished the entire distance without stopping to walk, which is a great accomplishment for The Boy's first race. I was so proud of both kids!

Then, after the race, we ran to the store to get the last of the supplies we needed for The Boy's fun week at camp. He left at noon to go to Boy Scout camp and will be gone for an entire week! I'm having hug withdrawal already. He was so excited to go - I know he's going to have a fabulous time. Here he is getting ready to haul his stuff to camp. Isn't the combination of his boy scout shirt and swim trunks a great look? That's how they told him to arrive, so we went with it...

This week will be different. The Husband's out of town again, so it'll be a girls only week. Think we might have to do some girl bonding with a shopping trip or two!

Well, I should close this for now. Bumblebee is throwing a tantrum because it's bedtime and she doesn't want to go to sleep. Sigh. Off to fight the daily nighttime battle...


MrsTSalazar said...

I love that combination of Boy Scout and swim trunks! Very hawt! :)

My husband thinks that its a fashion statement! And obviously an all boys event! (no girl I know would be able to pull that off!)

Enjoy the girls week!

Barb said...

Have a wonderful girls week!

Debbielou said...

Have fun !

Barbara Martin said...

Maybe Bumblebee needs a story read. Enjoy your girls this week.