Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Fun Days

First of all, I have to say... Woot! Go Obama! Today is a good day and he can now FINALLY move forward to defeat McSame in November.

But enough of that. I'm sure I'll have lots more to say in the near future.... Today was my first afternoon off with the kids for the summer. I'm taking two half days of vacation per week all summer long so the kids don't get bored out of their skulls while school is out.

Since Tinytown is, uh... tiny, (population: 433, not counting cows, goats, chickens, and horses) there is nothing for them to do all day long. They can't ride their bikes down to the Tastee Freeze like I could as a kid. That's probably for the best, but neither can they ride to a pool, a library, or even their friends' houses. So... that means they can get bored easily and I thought it would be fun to take these afternoons off to spend "summer fun days" with them.

I have high hopes. We'll go swimming. We'll go to the amusement park. We'll shop, see movies, go hiking, biking, and Frisbee playing in the park. So, what did we all do today on our very first fun filled afternoon of the season? Did we go to the Science Center? Or check out the skateboard park? Perhaps we perused the sculptures and paintings at the Art Center? Or, maybe we had a picnic lunch at the lake?


Bumblebee, The Boy, and I took a nap while Hollywood cleaned her room.

Doesn't get more exciting than that ladies and germs. The recent flooding from multiple rounds of storming made most outside places quite soggy. So we sat around thinking of things to do. And while we did, we realized that the sofas in the living room were comfy and not soggy at all, so... we napped. And oh.... was it nice.

(Later this evening, we did go for a walk with the dog, have a nice dinner, and I got a good run in on the TM, but still. It was a lazy way to start off the "fun" days.)


Swishy said...

OK, I was out eating and I saw Hillary's speech and I was like, wait ... she's not conceding? I DON'T GET IT! I kept thinking maybe I missed something since I couldn't really hear ;)

MrsTSalazar said...

HI! Im new, a transplant from Mom in Scrubs blog.

Sometimes those lazy days are the ones that you remember more.

Enjoy the summer, and I look forward to reading more!


Mom In Scrubs said...

That's a perfect day for me.

But I'm lazy.

And the flooding does suck!