Friday, June 13, 2008

Is This Venice? No... It's Iowa

Check out this street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Looks kind of like Venice with that pretty canal running down the middle of the street, doesn't it? All we need now are some gondolas to navigate the waters.

Thankfully, my house is not in a flooded area. But I know lots of people affected by the floods. My pal mom in scrubs hasn't floated down the flooded river, and her house isn't damaged, but she has no internet service and may well lose power and water too. She wanted me to tell those of you who read her awesome blog that she's probably going to be MIA for a while, but never fear... she'll return, and most likely with lots to blog about.


Barbara Martin said...

Have you heard when the water might be going down? How tragic for the residents there.

Good to hear you're on dry land.

Barrie said...

Thank goodness you're safe and sound and dry. The flooding is incredible.

Kirsten said...

Oh, wow...that is unreal. First we had near record snows this Winter, now this stuff...we have been really lucky, but an area an hour North of us got TWELVE inches of rain a couple of nights ago and a week ago an area about an hour South got about 8. We've been at the light end of the recent storms and are still water-logged, but no flooding.

Stay dry and safe, peeps!

Debbielou said...

Glad that you're ok - you've made the news here in the UK !! Thinking of you and wishing you well x