Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is 'Forty' an F-Word?

The other night Hollywood told me that I was almost married to an old man. I think she meant I'm married to a man who's almost old. Well, almost is no more, folks. Now it's official.

Today is The Husband's birthday. I wanted to get him this shirt, but figured he'd be limited on the places he could wear it:

Plus, he doesn't look 40 yet, so why advertise it, right?

Just for fun, here's a then and now picture of the old dude:

Before he met me his life was so sad and lonely. Cue David Lee Roth: "Won't some sweet mama come and take a chance with me, 'cause I aint so bad ... " He may not have been 'just a gigolo', but... He had only beer can towers, posters of bikini clad women, rock star hair and that earring to comfort him:

The beer tower, the bikini poster, and the earring are gone, but he's still got the rock star hair thing going for him...

Isn't he cute? I might just have to keep him.

Happy Birthday to The Husband. You rock.


MrsTSalazar said...

Happy Birthday Rockstar!

And yes, he has great hair!

WebGal said...

OK... that 1988 picture is cracking me up!!

Jenster said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! He's pretty hunky so you'd better keep him.

And BTW - 40 IS NOT OLD! lol

Happy Birthday, Monnik's Husband!

Travis Erwin said...

I got long curly hair too ... on my back.

Travis Erwin said...

And happy birthday to him.

Debbielou said...

He hasn't changed that much - men seem to age well !!

Forty - I feel depressed now - 67 days and counting !!!!!!!!!

lyzzydee said...

He has worn well!!!

Barbara Martin said...

Yes, you should definitely keep him! He has gorgeous hair and a nice smile.

40 is not old, he's just getting into his prime...the best time for men.

Happy Birthday Monnik's husband, and many more in the future.

Barrie said...

Happy Belated birthday to your dh! And, you're right, he doesn't look anywhere near 40.

Kirsten said...

Ooh, cute...and a Packer fan?! You got yourself a keeper (says this WI-born Cheesehead girl)!

Wish him a happy belated birthday.