Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stay Off the Roads!!!

Seriously, folks. Check this out:

There are two scary interesting things about this picture. The first is that Hollywood's hair is the same color as my car, at least for another 24 shampoos or so... The second is that she's in the driver's seat of my new car!! And, just like Hillary Clinton's latest "win", Hollywood got her driver's permit by eeking by with a barely passing grade on the test. My straight A student apparently gets confused by traffic questions.

The thought of her driving makes me look like this:

Actually, to be fair, we drove around the block and to and from softball practice without getting a single dent in the car. Reversing out of the driveway was a bit tricky, though. See the nice house in the rear view mirror in the picture above? Yeah, we almost ended up in their living room. Hollywood got a tad bit pedal happy and shot straight backwards out of the driveway. And then there was her frantic query about why, on the gearshift, the P and the D letters were the same color... (She kept confusing "park" with "drive" and wanted to know why the car wouldn't go anywhere...) But it ended well. For now.

So anyone driving near Tinytown, be very careful if you see our car heading down the road....


WebGal said...

OMG! That's the funniest picture ever!!! :)

And...I'm avoiding that area for a while. Thanks for the heads up. ;)

Mom In Scrubs said...

She looks just like you at her age...behind the wheel with a peace sign.

Remember when we would drive the turd and the steering wheel would shake if you got it going over 70mph?

Never mind. Scratch that. You don't want to remember that.

Funny picture!!

Manic Mom said...


She is beautiful though. And while her hair may be that dark, her driving may make your hair turn gray, huh??!?!

Monnik said...

mom in scrubs, she's way prettier than I was (and she's about 30 pounds lighter) but I probably did have the same expression back then. And the turdmobile stopped shaking once you got past 80 MPH. ha! My mom and I were just talking about that last week.

Manic, I *am* way too young to have a driving child. Thank you for noticing. :) I started when I was 11. (just kidding...)

Debbielou said...

You've made me really laugh ! I'm glad to hear that you both had a "Turd mobile" - I've had a whole run of cars like that - even had the "Chuff mobile" complete with leopard skin patterened seat covers ( which held the seats together) - the car used to leak exhaust fumes in to the car - so you had to drive with the window open and it would only start if parked on a hill !!

Beautiful girl & Mum - and very lucky to have a great car !