Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's Out!

Today is the last day of school. Which means by the end of the day, I'll have a high schooler, a sixth grader, and a kindergartener. Holy moly. The Boy was so excited about it being the last day of school - he had a grin the size of New Jersey on his face last night.

I, for one, couldn't be more excited for summer vacation! We're not doing a big family trip this year. We took the fam to weddings in New York and San Francisco last year, so our travel budget was obliterated for this year. But that suits me just fine, because I'm taking two afternoons off per week (all summer long!) to hang out with the kids and do fun, summery activities. We got season passes to the amusement park, will go swimming at the lake and the pools, go to the art and science centers, the zoo, the library, etc. Oh. And we'll be watching a lot of Hollywood's softball.

Summertime, here we come! Now, if you'd kindly cooperate with warm (I'd even take hot) temperatures, I'd be oh so appreciative.

Here's another example of why I should hide out in my basement with a box of nutter butters and a good book instead of going out into the real world while I have PMS: As I said, today is the last day of school for many of the area kiddos. On my way to work, I stopped in front of a school and watched a dad walking his two kids across the street. The little girl handed each of the two crossing guards a little gift card - as a present for the last day of school. Nice, right? Then why in the name of Fred did it make me weepy? I am a mess this time every 28 days. A complete blubbery fool, I tell you.

Speaking of blubber, my sis-in-law is FORCING me to run a 5K this Saturday. (and NO! My sis in law isn't the blubbery one. That would be me. Keep reading...) She threatened my life if I didn't run with her! Well, maybe not. But she did ask me to run and I did say I would, so now I have to, even though I'm so chubby and out of shape that it's unreal. Hollywood (or, as she entered herself in my cellphone registry as, the eldest spawn) and I ran 3 miles on Monday night and it took 41 minutes. Yeah, that's like a 13:45 mile. Those Kenyans have nothing on me, I tell ya. I'm pretty sure a baby Kenyan could crawl faster than we were jogging. As long as I finish this 5K on Saturday without dropping dead, I'll call that a victory. And hey - I'll get another t-shirt out of the deal. So that'll be swell.

I owe y'all a post on my other set of grandparents who I saw this past weekend. I haven't uploaded pictures from Sunday yet, but will try to do that this afternoon.

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and kids...


Jenster said...

Yea! Tomorrow's my last day of "official" preschool. But then I'm working at "dinosaur camp" and "space camp" for two weeks. Why do I agree to these things???

My kids don't get out until the 12th, but I'm with you on loving summer. I can't wait!!

Travis Erwin said...

I hope you enjoy your summer and take heart that I couldn't walk 5K in a day and a half so a thirteen minute miles makes you a super hero in my eyes.

Barrie said...

You have a fun summer planned! My kids have a couple more weeks to go. I am not at all a runner. So, my hat's off to you!!

Mama P said...

Wow... the thought of summer freaks me out. Good luck to you. I can't wait to hear the stories.