Monday, May 5, 2008

Hair Confidence Issues

A few weeks ago, I got a new hair cut, inspired by the Jenny McCarthy bob:

See? Isn't her hair pretty? Even if I'm not a leggy, busty blonde, I loved the cut at first. I'm still playing around with it. Sometimes I wear it curly, other times I wear it straight, and sometimes I even let it air dry it for that special flat, drowned rat look.

My boring hair has lacked style for years - so much so that I usually pulled it into a ponytail before lunchtime.

But not now. Now I have this above the shoulders Jenny bob.

Today I actually took the effort to style it. I wore it sleek, straightened, and (I thought) stylish.I thought I was having a good hair day until a co-worker of mine told me that my new hairstyle seems too 'prissy' for me.

What the eff does that mean??

Did she mean: "You're an awesome gal, Monnik, and SO MUCH FUN, that your stepford wives hairdo is bringing me down..."

or, was it: "Dude- you usually look so disheveld that it's catching me off guard to see your hair fixed."

Hmmm. I also recently noticed that when I wear my rounded sunglasses, I look like Willy Wonka (The Johnny Depp version, not Gene Wilder) as seen here (sans the hat):

And although Johnny Depp is about as sizzling hot as they come, his hairstyle isn't what I was going for.

Yeah. Maybe it's time for some layers.


Jenster said...

You silly girl. I'm pretty much certain she meant that you're such a fun chick!!

LOL on the Johnny Depp look.

Swishy said...

What does that even MEAN?!?! I think what she meant was ADORABLE. :)

Barrie said...

I say--have her on the blog so she can explain to us just exactly what she meant. :)

Barb said...

Silly girl ~ don't let one comment get you down! Go on loving your hair! I'll bet it looks great!

WebGal said...

Now, I've seen you and I can honestly say, your hair looks great! Don't let anyone bring you down. Too prissy? Come ARE prissy; if fits you fine. ;)

Debbielou said...

She's just jealous !

And hey ! What's wrong with Willie Wonka anyway ??!! x

Mom In Scrubs said...

Think of it this way: she's probably stewing in her own juices about what she said and wondering what on earth you think of her after saying something so flippant. Haven't you been on the other end of that dilemma? I know I have!!

I want to see pictures. Of YOU. SOON!!!!!

Jess Riley said...

Never before have I felt so compelled to type, "WTF?!?!?!"

Seriously. I bet you are ROCKING that hairdo. Post a picture, post a picture!!!!!