Friday, April 25, 2008


I got an email from my mom this morning telling me that my uncle is very close to death. He has cancer, and has fought it for 10 years or something. This just makes me sad. I know everyone has been touched by cancer and that I'm not unique because I know so many people who have either had the disease, are fighting it, or have lost someone to it. My boss had surgery for it this week. She has a form of cancer that is highly treatable. But still... she's only 40 and she lost both her dad and her mom to cancer. The Husband's young uncle (he wasn't even 50) died of Leukemia last summer. It's everywhere, and it just makes me sad...


But I wanted to write a happier post today, so I'll forge ahead because it's about my little guy. The Boy had a baseball game last night and he was very excited because he got to start. He inherited his mother's coordination and athletic ability, which is to say that he plays the game to have fun and be part of a team, and not to smack one out of the park. Since he was one of the few who went to the last practice, his coach awarded him a starting spot. And that made him smile from ear to ear.

When he got up to bat, a sixth grader (who looked like he was nineteen - I wanted to demand a birth certificate check...) was hurling 2,000 MPH pitches. One of those pitches landed with a loud THWACK right on The Boy's elbow. (Today, the bruise is red and blue around the edges and white in the middle. Very odd looking.) It was a really sickening sound, and I'm surprised that he didn't break his arm. The Boy took his base and was wincing like crazy, but didn't want to come out of the game, and I could tell he was doing all he could not to cry. His coach asked him if he wanted to sit on the bench when our team went out to field the next inning, but my little guy really wanted to play, so she let him. After another inning of playing, he sat out on the bench for the rest of the game.

One of the things I love the most about The Boy is his cheerfulness. He doesn't get to play as much as some of the other kids, and I worry that this might hurt his feelings. He is a very sensitive kid. But it doesn't seem to bug him. He gets excited about the innings he does play and enthusiastically cheers on the team when he's on the bench. I think that's what makes me the most proud, is that he doesn't sulk about being benched. Instead, he supports the boys on the team and really stays upbeat and happy the whole time. After last night's game, the mom who does the score keeping for the team came up to me and told me how much she adores The Boy. "He is just the sweetest kid, and always has a big smile on his face. Well, except for when he gets hit by a ball. I love his smile - and I just want to squeeze him!" She gushed.

I couldn't agree more. In fact, I love to squeeze that kid. As often as I can. He's very squeezable.


Debbielou said...

Sorry to hear the sad news about your Uncle xx

"The Boy" sounds like a wonderful kid and an obvious credit to you ! , "My boy" is the same age and is a very similar character - nothing like having a good squeezable hug!!

Squeeze away !!

Jess Riley said...

Yay for the Boy! But I'm so sorry to hear of his elbow incident...what a brave kiddo!

(Also, sorry to hear of your uncle's struggle with cancer. Cancer really and truly sucks.)

Jenster said...

I love him, too!! He sounds like my most favorite kind of kid! And tough to boot!!