Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kindergarten Wound-Up

The title of my post today if apt on two levels. First, it's how Bumblebee says "Kindergarten Round Up". Secondly, it's how she's been all day - bouncing off the walls like you wouldn't believe.

Kindergarten Round-up is where kids who will be in kindergarten in the fall go and meet their teachers and get a taste of what school will be like. Bumblebee has been looking forward to this all week.

This morning she was furious that her brother and sister got to go on the bus to school and she didn't get to. When I told her she had to wait for another two and a half hours, she freaked out. She was antsy and wound up all morning, which made it hard for me to get any work done.

So, to pass the time, I put her hair in curlers:

Then we got her dressed in her favorite outfit:

I told her to look cool for the camera. This is her attempt at being cool. I have no idea what that footprint shaped smudge on my door is, but I guess it's time to wash the door, huh?

Then it was time to go. She had a blast and was so excited. It's sad, really. My baby getting ready to go off to kindergarten. But she's so cute and smart and ready for it, that I'm not getting too worked up over it. At least not yet. I do have until August, after all.

Yeah. Those of you who are sick of hearing me bitch about living in Iowa, look at this. This is what my driveway looks like right now:

And this is what my front yard looks like:

It's freaking APRIL. Die already, winter, mmkay??


Barb said...

OMG She is just too cute. My little one will kill to get her hair to curl like that. It's stick straight. We've had it "done" twice for weddings she was in and it held for maybe an hour at most!
I can't believe it's still snowing at your house! Times like this I'm glad I'm living in Florida!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Just raining here in St Louis. Cold rain.

Bumblebee looks so grown-up!! I can't believe it's Kdg. Round up allready; Lulu will be next year. Wow.

I love the "cool" look. Unfortunately for her it doesn't go much beyond adorable!

Travis Erwin said...

My little one starts kindergarten in the fall as well and he is psyched even if his mom isn't.

Debbielou said...


My son starts senior school in the Autumn - I feel really old!!

It's started snowing here too and my driveway now looks a bit like yours - it's fun at the moment but I'm sure when I have to get to work this week and the road system has come to a standstill it won't be!! x

ALF said...

That kid is so cute!

It's in the 60's and sunny today here with a 30% chance of snow tomorrow...

Jenster said...

She is so cute! And she looks more than ready for kindergarten. :o)

I'm sorry about the snow. Before you know it the weather will be too hot and we'll be complaining then, too!!

Andrea said...

What a cutie!

Swishy said...

Sooooooooooo cute!!!

And snow SUCKS!

The Cundick 5 said...

I agree, winter GO AWAY!! Snowing here today in Sandy, UT...YUCK!