Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Greetings From Sunny Arizona and Another Bad Mom Story

The Husband and I are in Arizona this week. I'm attending a conference for work, he's out golfing with a buddy who lives here. Something about that doesn't seem quite fair, but it is a nice way of getting a vacation of sorts out of Giant Ass Bank.

The conference is dull this year, and very commercially. And the vultures, er, I mean vendors are swarming me like I'm prime road kill. All because I have GAB's name on my name tag. It's futile to try to get them to understand that I have no buying power, even if I loved and believed in the product they were trying to sell, I wouldn't be able to purchase it no matter how much I evangelized it to the big guys. They still swarm, they still try to sell.

And so, instead of mingling in the "solutions zone" on break, here I sit on the patio of my hotel room, overlooking a lagoon of sorts that is a weirdly unnatural shade of green. Giant, scary, radioactive carp keep splashing out of the water and ducks (geese? whatever they are) keep flying in and out of the water. If the water didn't look like the bubbly swamp in Shrek, it would be quite pretty.

The pool, however, is amazing in it's chlorinated blue cleanliness. They have a sandy beach where kids can play, a water volleyball area, and an adult section where you can swim up to the bar and relax (we might just have to do that later tonight...) Yesterday I skipped out on lunch and sat by the pool while I drank a marvelous concoction called, appropriately it turned out, a Sunburn. It was pineapple juice, rum and cranberry juice. Yum. Three drinks and full Arizona sun for one hour made for a very cheerful, but sunburned me. Today I'm regretting the sun because I look like a lobster.

The trip has been nice, but I have yet another bad mom story to share. My readers are going to start thinking I'm a completely incompetent parent, but sometimes it's good to let the world know you're not perfect. Ha! As if anyone ever had that impression of me, even for one second... Anyway, this one is really eating me up inside. I feel like I want to puke when I think about it. Last night was The Biggest Loser finale. I've watched this show since the first season, and this year I never missed an episode. I told The Husband that we had to schedule our plans around the two hour finale because I just couldn't miss it. I had to watch it while it aired or I might catch a spoiler on the web today. I even told my pal webgal not to email me or blog about the show until 2 hours later - just to make sure I didn't find out who won.

Arizona is two hours behind Iowa. Five minutes into the show, Hollywood texted me and announced the winner. D'oh! I was so mad at first! We thought she was at home, watching it on tv. The Husband called her to say, "Gee, thanks for ruining it for your mom. She's mad. The show just started here..." I overheard the conversation and took the phone from him because I could tell she was upset. She was on the bus on her way home from a track meet. She was crying. Then it hit me like a Tyson right hook - In a moment it all came rushing at me - I understood exactly how she was feeling. And I felt like scum. Here was my sweetheart of a kid who just heard from someone on the bus who won The Biggest Loser, and she instantly thought of her old mom who loves the show. She had no idea that I was two hours behind her, and probably thought I wouldn't be able to watch it, so she wanted to share the news with me. (I am starting to choke up as I type this... Gah!) And how does her mom repay her for this thoughtfulness? I get mad at her for spoiling the surprise. I can totally feel her feelings - the initial thought of, "Oh, Mom will want to hear this - I'll text her - she'll be so excited that a girl finally won the title of Biggest Loser!" Then - the crush of her Dad calling (with my encouragement) to tell her that I was miffed at the spoiler. What a letdown she must have felt. She must have been like, "God, I was just trying to tell her something that I thought she'd be thrilled to know..."

I called her later and apologized, and she seemed to be feeling fine, but man. I still feel like shit for making her feel bad. I wish I could take back the conversation with The Husband about being miffed by the spoiler, cuz if I'd have thought it through, I would have realized that she didn't know I was a dork with no life who was watching that show while on vacation...

I know, I know... she'll get over it and she won't be scarred forever, but still... If my plane crashes tomorrow, it'll be one of her last memories of me.


WebGal said...

You are not a bad mom! Don't make me fly to Arizona and slap your sunburn. Everybody has knee jerk reactions like that. You were excited about the show (thus your request for my communication blackout) and disappointed in the spoiler. I'm sure Hollywood understands. She's very bright, like her mother.

Debbielou said...

You're not a bad Mum at all - far from it. We all do and say things we regret sometimes in the heat of the moment xx